Poodles In Need of Homes

2013.6.30 Camping with Broyles (117)

Before we get into the dogs on this page we have found it necessary to clarify why we charge what we charge for them.  First of all, WE ARE NOT A RESCUE.  We say this because rescue’s can get government funding and also take donations which they market the public for.  We do not do this.  These dogs stumble into our life from various places and circumstances.  For some reason the public’s mentality of a “Rescue” seems to be FREE or VERY CHEAP.  If that is you, do not go any further!  We spend our time and funds to go get them, house them, feed them, fix themhttps://www.high-endrolex.com/41, chip them, get paperwork in order, Vet them, train them….and so much more.  We pass ALL these costs onto the new owners, and it still is less expensive than purchasing a pup and training them yourself.  So if you are fine with that….please read on, we look forward to pairing you up with a great new family member that needs you just as much as you need them.  

On this page we have Standard Poodles available for adoption, the prices will vary from $1200.00 and up depending on the amount of time and care that have been put into them.  WE NEVER “give away” dogs, simply because we have found that individuals who receive “free” things generally do not take care of them very well. 

Our Process:

  • If you are interested in a dog on this page, use the “CONTACT US” page to reach out and tell us a little about yourself and what dog you are interested in.
  • We will schedule an appointment to meet the dog.
  • No dogs are welcome on our property for the protection of our new pups. Your adult dog will not show their true self on our property as there is so much activity and smells going on at our ranch. It is a false sense for anyone to imagine that your dog will behave the same on my property compared to his/her domain. To sum up: Your dog does not need to “meet” this dog.  You should know your dog enough to know whether they will get along and we will be very honest in our assessment of any dog you are interested in.
  • Price is NEVER negotiable with SCSPoodles.  The price is the price.
  • We will not hold any dog for anyone.  If the right family comes along before you, that dog will be homed so they are able to start their life.  You are welcome to pay for the dog in full and we will board your new dog for you till it is convenient for you to pick them up.  Board is $35.00 a day.

Tim & LeeAnna Springer – SCSPoodles

SCSPoodles has older pups available, they will continue to be trained until they find their forever homes.  See AVAILABLE PUPS page here on this website.
There are no dogs available at this time.
The Dogs BELOW this are already re-homed and NOT AVAILABLE!
3.9.2024 Keyto found his new family in Wickenburg, AZ

8.31.2023 BUDDY lives is Glendale, AZ with his new Mom and Dad – Chuck & Cindee


1.14.2023 – Fritz Lives in Oro Valley, AZ with his new Mom & Dad Juan & Wendy

HOMED 3.12.2022 Enzo – Ethan Greenfeld & Jenny Karson – Tempe, AZ


2022.3.12 HOMED –  Grey – Sharon Pryer – Sun City West, AZ

2.19.2022 – Pumpkin has found his home here is Surprise, AZ
11.20.2020 Xander – Found his home here in the Valley
3.13.2020 – Huck found his home in San Diego, CA

3.1.2020 Finn got a home and now lives in New Mexico


8.2019 Kitty went home with Chris & Marina Kisley to Tucson, AZ

8.2019 Skarra has found his buddy Alex Hutson, Chandler, AZ


HOMED 5.14.2019 – Will be living in Tucson, AZ



HOMED – Theo will be living in Tucson, AZ with his new family!

HOMED Thistle – Will live in Tucson, AZ

Rufus found his forever home with Andrea Minor here in the Valley.  Lucky boy!

Mia Found a home in West Covina, CA with  Glena Martinez and her family!


2018.9.28 – Teddy has been homed and will head to Ohio to his new Mommy!
Springer Clans Dancing Queen Lola

Lola has been re-homed!  She will go home with the Poteet Family in Saint Louise MO to be spoiled rotten!  More likely spoiled just right!  LOL



Scarlet – Scarlet has been chosen by L. Burchill here in the valley to go home and begin her life with. 


MARGAUX – Maddie/Jax Litter has been donated to Next Step Service Dogs by myself, to be trained as a PTSD companion to a Veteran.  She is going to represent her father, Jojo, and Springer Clan Standard Poodles in the finest way!  Go get them Margaux, you rock!



Juju will be going to live with Rita on an Arabian Horse Ranch in Tucson….how wonderful and oh what a life for my beautiful SCSP! 



 Jaxs has gone home with his new family (a Veterinary Family) to New Mexico!  He has 2 little boys to play with and a cat that he must learn to share a home with. 

Jaxs 4.12 (2)   Jaxs 4.12 (1)


PEPPER – Lives in Litchfield Park, AZ with her new Mom and Dad and 2 furry siblings – 2.2016


Leia – Picked the Courtney Family to live with.  She will be in Tucson, AZ being spoiled by her new Mom and Dad. – 2.2016



Strawberry – Will be moving to Scottsdale, AZ to live with her new Mom, Susan, and her new big brother Jose’ who is an 11 year old Black Standard Poodle! 1-2016

IMG_8220     IMG_8219


LAUREN – Was homed to Next Step Service Dogs and has begun her training to assist a Veteran. – 1/2016



BRUTUS – Went home to Tucson, AZ with his new family – 5.9.2015


Brutus 5 Months (2)Brutus 5 Months (1)Brutus 5 Months (4)Brutus 5 Months (3)


4/2015 – MARIO

Mario 13 days (8)

4.2015 – Gidget will go home in the near future with her new Mom and Dad, R. & B. Abrahams, to Glendale, AZ

Gidget 11 days (2)Gidget 11 days (10)


3-2015 – Maxwell (aka – Mitchell) Has found his forever home in Tucson, AZ. 

Mitchell 1


1.2015 – Sadie – 1yr old Dark Apricot Female was taken home by the Fryer Family in Sedona, AZ

Sadie & the Fryer Family (1)Sadie 1 year (5)


1.2015 – Lincoln – 3 year old – Going home with the Reynolds Family in Scottsdale, AZ

Lincoln 3 Years


Tracee and Sage (2)5.2014 – Sage lives with her new family in Grand Junction, CO!


2014.2.25 Sammy (3)

3.2014 –  Sammy has left for San Diego with “Next Step Service Dogs” to become a companion to someone in need.




2013.6.1 Jake 4 Years Old (4)

6.2013 – Jake now lives with his new Dad in Alpine, CA!



2013.8 - Maya - A Rescue

7.2013 – Maya now lives in Mesa, AZ with her new family!