Springer Clans Handsome Devil Vader


Vader is in the process of being trained to be Titus’ new Service Dog.  He now knows how to behave in public, open handicapped doors, retrieve medication, open cabinets and close them, collect all his toys and put them away, go get help and much more.  What a dog! After Jojo died suddenly, Titus found himself without a companion and friend to help him cope with anxiety which is a seizure trigger for him.  We kept a pup from one of Jojo’s litters and a bond just didn’t happen.  He seems to be a Male dog owner, that pup was a female.  After spending a day with Vader, it was definitely obvious that they had a bond and a future together.

Vader is a very smart and loyal boy.  Vader is a happy go lucky goofball of a dog, yet he is a very smart boy and eager to please.  He is 11 months at the moment and doing very well with his obedience and focus and is learning tasks that will help Titus as he grows older and becomes more independent.  

Vader is Blue, and his genetics carry Silvers, White, and Blues.  He is going to be a tall, big boy, with a sturdy yet lean frame.  I look forward to not only watching him grow but observing Titus and Vader grow together.  Vader has a lovely coat that rarely matts or knots up which is a surprise to me since he is a very active boy outside.  He has an off button inside which is very nice.  

All his Genetic Testing is below…..he passed them all….of course.


  • Vader will be tall – 27.5 inches at shoulder 
  • Weight – 62lbs
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Award – PASSED – Certificate Below
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) – Clear – Certificate Below
  • DDC – Von Willebrand Type I – Clear – Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic – NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures) – Clear – Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic – Color Panel for Brown – B/B (Does not carry Brown) – Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic – Color Panel for Dilute – D/D (Does not carry Dilute)- Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic – Color Panel for Red – E/e (Carries 1 gene for Red) – Certificate Below
  • DDC Veterinary – Progressive Retinal Atrophy Disease – Clear – Certificate Below
  • DDC Veterinary – Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration Disease – Clear Certificate Below
  • DDC Veterinary – Uric Acid (Hyperuricosuria) Disease – Clear Certificate Below
  • OFA – Hip Certification – FAIR – Certificate Below