Springer Clan Standard Poodles
FUTURE PLANNED LITTERS – Updated 1.26.2022

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The Deposit List process is the following:

  • Once you have communicated with us the color, sex, and temperament of the pup you desire, and we assist in you choosing a litter to be a part of, you solidify your decision by sending a $500.00 non-refundable holding fee (Holding Fee IS refundable if color or sex is not produced in the litter you are a part of). 
  • When Dam is 7 to 8 weeks along, we may/may not post a photo of Dams sonogram/x-ray (AMAZING) on SCSPoodles Facebook page, at which time my Vet will do a puppy head count. 
  • When Dam is in labor and has delivered, everyone on the list will be notified as to colors and sex delivered with a Litter Announcement.
  • IF you are on the RESERVE LIST with deposit at the bottom of this page, and there is a puppy that fits your criteria that has been born in addition to all the litter deposit holders, you will be contacted and must respond that day if you would like to be placed on that list.
  • Puppy page (Available Puppies) will be updated with photos and any temperament/traits noticed by us.  We do not send these pictures to each person.  Puppy page will be updated as well as our SCSPoodles Facebook page. (Please refrain from reminding us to update)
  •  A week before pups turn 6 weeks old, an email will be sent to all holding a pick spot on the litter and will given a time slot to pick a puppy.  Starting with first person on list all will have 30min with litter (color and sexes they desire) and continue until everyone on the list has made a puppy selection.  
  • By Week 8 Pups are ready to go home with their new family (picked up or shipped via Delta Cargo (pet)).  All families will receive an email 1 week prior to this date with ALL the details.  NOTE: If pup can not be picked up by week 8 and requires me to Puppy-sit, that is not a problem, however a modest boarding fee will be added daily. (Board $10.00 or $40.00 that includes training per day/ THIS IS NOT Foundation Training)

We have set pricing (6.1.2021):

Males of any color and any litter ($2500.00) 

Females of any color and any litter ($2800.00)

SCSPoodles reserves the right to place our pups in homes that WE think are the best fit in temperament, so that humans and Poodles are happy and safe.  


Possible Breeding Pairs and Estimated Times

(This depends on when Female comes into heat and is able to be bred.)

To hold a spot on any of the following lists a Puppy Holding Fee/Deposit is required.  This is not refundable as we base our breeding’s on your interest and commitment.  You can move around from within these lists if there is an opening on a litter list that you may prefer.  If you are unsure, that is ok, contact us when you are ready to be just as committed to us, as we are to you.  We look forward to that time!


  • DUE 2.7.2022  – Jolie (Last Litter)/Vader (Silver/Blue/Cream/White Pups)

Pups From Jolie/Vader 2 Previous “DESIGNERS” & “ARTISTS” Litters

1st Pick – BREEDERS CHOICE – Silver Female

2nd Pick – Margot Freeman – Phoenix, AZ – Silver, Blue, Black Male  (4 Wk F/T) – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Kaiya Alt – Tempe, AZ – Male (prefer Blue) – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Amber Tacey – Kingman, AZ – Blue/Silver Male (4 Wk F/T) – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Bria Wagner SCSPoodle Family – Phoenix AZ – Male Silver/Blue – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick – Male/Female – Silver, Blue, Cream


  • LIST FULL – Possible Due Date 2.11.2022 – Giuliana/Zeus (Last Litter)  – Black/Red/Possibly Brown


2nd Pick – HOLD Cozett Romo (John – Dad) SD Prospect – El Mirage, AZ – Male (Color Choice At Birth) – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Jennifer Hebb – Vail, AZ – Red/Brown Male (Color Choice At Birth) SDProspect (4 Wk F/T & Package) – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – David & Michele Green – Sun City West, AZ – Black Male (4 Wk F/T) – Charlie – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Debra Hobbs – Phoenix, AZ – Female (Therapy Possibility) – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick – Nancy Miller – Surprise, AZ – Male SDProspect (Larger 4 Wk F/T) – DEPOSIT HELD


  • Possibly Jan/Feb 2022 Breeding For Litter Early 2022 – Cocoa/Elvis – Parti/Solids – Brown, Silver Beige, Black

From Cocoa/Elvis LAST litter


2nd Pick – Jetta Russell – Surprise, AZ – Brown Male – SCSPoodle Family – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Cathy Roberts – San Tan Valley, AZ – Brown Parti Female – SCSPoodle Family

4th Pick – Nataliya Gotlib-Arditi – Discovery Bay, CA – Female Brown, Blue, Silver – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Cory Andrews – Gilroy, CA – Parti Female ESA Propect (4 Wk F/T)  – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick – Solid Male/Female


  •  CLOSED – BREEDING Planned 2.2022: Candee/Jack – All White/Cream Litter

Pups From Candee/Jack her last litter was 8 Females!


2nd Pick – Amanda Faigin – Phoenix, AZ – Female – SCSPoodle Family –PENDING DEPOSIT

3rd Pick – Victoria Juvet – Peoria, AZ – Cream/White Male/Female Color Choice At Birth – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Bob & Judy Pliley – Male/Female (pick at birth) – Oro Valley, AZ – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Dana Smith – Cream/White Female – Stockdale, TX – SCSPoodle Family

6th Pick – Elaine Johnson – Goodyear, AZ – White/Cream Female – PENDING DEPOSIT


  • CLOSED – March 2022 BREEDING – Rose (Last Litter) /Rusty – All Red Litter


Rose Last Litter


2nd Pick – Zoe Maclsaac – Phoenix, AZ – Red Male  – SCSPoodle Family

3rd Pick – Mindy Aguirre – Sierra Vista, AZ – Apricot/Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Charlote Holcomb – El Mirage, AZ – Male/Female (Choice at birth) – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Hunter & Allison (Walsh) Spencer – Gilbert, AZ – Red Female – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick – Aster Marcum – Casa Grande, AZ – Male/Female SDProspect – DEPOSIT HELD


2-2022 BREEDING – Last Litter – Raven/Thor Litter – Red/Black Litter


2 or 3/2022 BREEDING – Effie/Kylo – First Litter – Red/Black Litter


Ember (Tamarii/Buck)/King or Remi (Stella/Thor) – All Red Litter