2013.6.30 Camping with Broyles (74)My “Penny” and her little friend Kourtney, AKA – Turtle

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  • Vaccines and how they are shipped and cared for before your pup gets them from SCSPoodles.
  • Bar S Animal Clinic in Wickenburg, AZ the official SCSPoodles Vet of choice
  • Ruffwear Outdoor Dog Gear/Boots – Simply the best
  • NaturesRoot Hemp Oil and Tablets
  • Early Neurological Stimulation – Why and how beneficial
  • NuVet powder and tablets supplements.  Why and how to get some for your dog.
  • ACANA dog food 
  • Puppy Socialization link ideas
  • 100 Things to Keep in mind when training a Service Dog
  • 200 Ideas to Socialize your Puppy
  • EMERGENCY Care for a dog when they have interacted with a Sonoran Toad – It can be deadly READ
  • Managing parasites in dog link


Products and Services I endorse and recommend
    • Amazon Complete List of Puppy Needs – SCSPoodles New Puppy Go Home List
    • Vaccines – SCSPoodles purchases vaccines from Revival Animal Health.  The Vaccines are shipped to us “on ice” in a cooler and gets to us in 2 days or less.  Once we receive them, we take them off ice and directly into our refrigerator where they stay until 5 minutes prior to use when they are “mixed” and injected for your pups protection.  Take a look at this video that gives you a rundown of the process.  This is for the benefit of any Vet that claims SCSPoodles vaccinations are not “valid” and pressure you, their client, to vaccinate all over again.  THIS IS NOT OK.  You should be offended, as we are, and find another Vet that will SERVE you, instead and treat you as a cash cow.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2AyzTDxPTY&feature=youtu.be
    • SCSPoodles endorses Bar S Animal Clinic as the Vet that will care for all your animals needs!  We use this Clinic for just about everything we have done since we moved to Arizona, and have never been disappointed.  The link below will take you to their website.   http://www.barsanimalclinic.com/
      Bar S Animal Clinic is your Veterinarian in Wickenburg, Morristown, and surrounding areas. The mission of Bar S Animal Clinic is to provide superior care to your companion animals.
    • Ruffwear Grip-Trex Boots – Dog shoes are sometimes a necessity.  There are many brands out there that just don’t cut it, I recommend this brand because they are quality, easy, comfortable, and WILL LAST!  Price is just under $90.00 with shipping.   https://ruffwear.com/collections/boots
      Dog boots and shoes with durable everyday paw protection for dry and hot, cold and wet conditions, abrasive surfaces, hot pavement, salt or snowmelt chemicals.
    • * Early Neurological Stimulation is used to get a jump start on your puppies brain for training! Take a look at this article –http://breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation
      Surprising as it may seem, it isn’t capacity that explains the differences that exist between individuals because most seem to have far more capacity than they will ever use.


Advice on managing parasites in dogs for breeders & kennel owners from Dr. B of Revival Animal Health. Part 1: The lifecycle of ascarids & roundworms in dogs.

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