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Each Dam has her own page here on this website which contains all her photo’s, testing information, and copy of certificates.   A few live with us, and most live with their Guardian/Foster families.  All our moms are raised to be confident and flexible mothers so that you also receive a confident and yet flexible puppy to add to your family.

NOTE:  If you want to view a particular Dam all you have to do is Click on the Dam’s link and it will take you to their page.

Why GUARDIAN/FOSTER homes?  This is a question that comes up frequently.  The answer is really simple, because we wanted to expand our breeding program and because we didn’t want to become Poodle hoarders, we decided that we would start a Foster program.  Many years ago we had to re-home one of our first females a few years after retirement, she would get super depressed when the other girls had litters, she was slowing down and couldn’t go on horseback rides, the last ride we took her on, she rode with us over half the ride because it was just too much.  We decided to find a loving home that could ease her stress.  After that experience we knew we couldn’t go through that again and didn’t want any of our girls to either.  So, every pup that we keep in our program or every new pup we purchase for our program we find a home that loves, trains, and raises that pup as their own family member.  When that dog comes of age and after testing, she will have 3 litters for SCSPoodles or he will stud for 5 years.  Then they get fixed and retire with “Their” family.  It is a win, win for everyone. 

Interested in being a Foster Family, contact us!

When pregnant, our mothers are given prenatal supplements, Oxy Mate / NuVet, and when they deliver are given postnatal supplements, Oxy Mama / Nuvet.  They are all fed a high quality food, ACANA Beef or Chicken mixed with raw ground turkey, and cottage cheese, and are given basically whatever they want to thrive.  Guardian Moms come to us for breeding and whelping of pups and then return home to their families when they choose to wean their own litters.  We never force a mom to wean, as long as they are healthy and willing, we allow it until the day the pups or Mom go home.  This makes for happy Moms and happy content pups.

All litters are born in our master bedroom under our constant supervision until 4 weeks old.  They are then moved outside with their mother where they begin to enjoy the outdoors and real food.  They learn to potty away from where they eat and sleep, which is the beginning of potty and crate training.  They also get the run of a huge grassed back yard along with cats and guinea fowl who keep them critter free. 

During the critical first 4 weeks all pups are handled and go through neuro stimulating exercises.  What this does is stimulates blood flow, neuro activity and more.  This also creates an environment where pups are handled individually so after the 1st week of the exercises they are very calm and willing to undergo whatever activity we throw at them.  In addition lays the foundation for the next 4 weeks when they are moved outdoors and begin to play problem solving games that stimulates thinking process.

During Week 4 all pups are fed a mixture of kibble mush, raw ground turkey, cottage cheese, and supplements consisting of a probiotic and Nuvet supplements.  For 2 meals a day pups sit with me, and I hand feed them meat balls when they calm down and look me in the face.  This creates calmer, more focused pups which in turn creates confident and calm adults.  This “game” also encourages any pup that may naturally be shy or aloof to come out of their shells. 

During Week 5  we don’t make the mush so soft and begin taking each pup out individually to feed from a bowl and work on patience and focus exercises….when they calm down and give us their attention, they get food. 

During Week 6 the food is more firm (so that they can transition to kibble) we begin to put all pups bowls down at the same time or one main bowl down and when they all calm down and give us their attention we put the bowl down.  We continue this until they go home at 8 weeks old.  This exercise teaches pups that when we get what we want, attention and focus, they get what they want, food and love reward.  The benefits of this “game” is well worth all the extra work for us.

Bottom line, when you choose the get a pup from SCSP, you will reap all the rewards of our hard work and commitment to raising a confident and calm puppy for you.

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