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Current Litter(s)/Puppies

Last Updated 4.18.2024

Please EMAIL for more information: SCSPpoodles@gmail.com


  • We will not breed for a new litter if we have current unhomed pups on the ground simply to suite anyone’s “timeframe”.  We do not support just breeding, we support finding perfect homes for our pups BEFORE bringing more pups into the world for anyone’s convenience. Please choose from AVAILALABE PUPS & Future Planned Litters for what you desire.
  • We will not hold any pick spot without Puppy Holding Fee deposit.
  • We do not allow ANYONE who is not on Deposit List on our  property. 
  • We do not entertain “Puppy Shoppers” or “Inspecting Our Ranch”, serious inquiries only.
  • Deposit List procedure Page Click Here “Future Planned Litters” 
  • Puppy/Dog Supplies & Links Page – Click Here “Puppy/Dog Supply Links
  • Grooming Supply List & Links Page – Click Here “Grooming Supply List Link
  • Once Puppy is “Paid Off”, you own your puppy.  At the 8 week mark, there are no refunds on puppy purchased if you change your mind.  
  • Foundation Training Information – Click Here “Foundation Training Details Link
  • NO REFUNDS for any Foundation Training Services once begun.
  • Any pup not homed by 8 weeks old will begin Foundation Training. Puppy price will increase by $1200.00 (or reflect training completed).

ALL OUR PUPPIES ARE $2800.00 (LIMITED AKC) – Regardless of color or gender


3.2.2024 Ember & Pepper “ADAMS FAMILY” Litter – 3 Red Females AVAILABLE 


This will be Ember’s final litter (third) and then she will retire with her family here in the valley.  She has produced 2 wonderful litters for us that have produced versatile, loyal, smart, family friendly and SDProspects.  We expect the same for her final litter.  All pups will be shades of red and apricot.  We have paired her with Pepper for their third litter together because we have enjoyed the pups they have produced for you.


4.27.2024 – 8 Week Puppy Go Home Day – Email sent 1 Week Prior

5.25.2024 – Foundation Training Go Home Day 

AVAILABLE – ENID – Red Female – Enid is smaller, she is eager to eat her solids, a bit frazzled with all the puppies in competition for food, but knows what she wants and goes for it.

AVAILABLE – ITT – Red Female – Itt is a sweet girl, not pushy, waits her turn for food during manding times.  Itt is on the smaller side compared to some of the other females.

AVAILABLE – LUMPY – Red Female – Lumpy is a larger female, easy going, respectful in her approach during manding sessions.

HOMED – _______ (GOMEZ) Springer Clans ______________ – M. Doman

HOMED – _______ (DIGIT) Springer Clans _____________________ – T. & C. Hammond 

HOMED – ____ (FESTER) Springer Clans ______________ – K. Roebuck 

HOMED – ____ (GRANNY) Springer Clans ______________ –  H. Cook

HOMED – ____ (WEDNESDAY) Springer Clans ____________________ – SCSPoodle Pick

HOMED – ____ (PUGSLEY) Springer Clans – S. Dorsch

HOMED – Andromeda (MORTITIA) Springer Clans Andromeda Littlejohn – S. Littlejohn

HOMED – _____ (THING) Springer Clans _______________ – H. Fullam


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