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Last Updated 11.18.2022 

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  • We will not hold any pick spot without deposit.
  • We do not allow ANYONE who is not on Deposit List on our  property. 
  • We do not entertain “Puppy Shoppers” or “Inspecting Our Ranch”, serious inquiries only.
  • Deposit List procedure Page Click Here “Future Planned Litters” 
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  • Once Puppy is “Paid Off”, you own your puppy.  At the 8 week mark, there are no refunds on puppy purchased, you are able to move your funds around to any litter (This is a courtesy).  
  • Foundation Training Information – Click Here “Foundation Training Details Link
  • NO REFUNDS for any Foundation Training Services once begun.
  • Any pup not homed by 8 weeks old will begin Foundation Training. Puppy price will increase by $1200.00 (or reflect training completed).

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SCSPoodles PRICES as of June 1, 2021

ALL Males – $2500.00 (LIMITED AKC)

ALL Females are $2800.00 (LIMITED AKC)


OLDER AVAILABLE PUPPIES …..keep scrolling there are more! 

  • AVAILALBE DOLLY  From Tess/Thor Litter – Black Female

Dolly is 12 weeks old, she is calm and mild in temperament, yet fun and outgoing. Falls right in the middle of energy level with the litter.  More petite structure, taller and leaner as an adult.  Dolly is sleeping through the night in her own crate with no fussing and no accidents.  She does not jump nor bite and will begin leash this week.

$2800.00 + $1200.00 Foundation Training – Ready to Go Home

  • AVAILALBE JESSIE From Tess/Thor Litter – Black Female

Jessie is 12 weeks old, she is energetic and tough, smaller female who knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it.  Jessie is a fun and athletic interactive girl!  She is doing really great with training and sleeps through the night in her own crate.  She is working on self control regarding jumping and doing great.  Leash training begins this week.

$2800.00 + $1200.00 Foundation Training – Ready to Go Home

AVAILABLE – NANCY – Black Female – Nancy is 13 weeks old. A little reserved, loves to cuddle, but not the bust through the door thinking kind of gal.  Enjoys watching before engaging and very chill and calm nature. Crate trained, sleeps through the night, kennel on command, sit, leash started, respects boundaries, potty’s on command, no bark, no bite, no jump. – $2800.00 + $1200.00 Foundation Training  – Ready to go home

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Link to Amazon Puppy Go Home List – Go Home Ready Puppy Package

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