Grooming Your Poodle

Above Photo: SCSPoodle Home Grooming Class – What fun!

Grooming your Standard Poodle can be very challenging when you first start out.  You must accept that your dog will not look perfect at all times, and you will tragically butcher your dog at least once.  Its OK you just start over next time!  Move on.  Grooming will strengthen the bond you have with your dog, and also teach them that when you want them to stand still for a few hours …. you expect just that!  You establish your Alpha status.  You will also bond with your dog because it requires trust and respect for your dog to cooperate and let you put them in …. well…. challenging positions while you clip them.  You are also able to spot health issues that may come up and be hidden under a thick coat…lumps and bumps are noticed and you are able to manage them quickly.

Above all else…. enjoy and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Have fun, look up new cuts and experiment.

If you need any tips or have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook “Springer Clan Standard Poodles” or email “” .  We love to hear from you all!  And please send us some photos of your successes and of course your failures… they are the best!

Have Fun!!

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Grooming Supply List and Links

Flea/Tick/Mosquito Control List and Links


Below we have listed out the things a home groomer will need to groom properly and more importantly easily from home.  You are able to purchase them all at the same time OR get the basics and slowly build your grooming tools.  We have been grooming Poodles for a very long time, so please know that we have worked out the kinks and we know what works.  The list below is going to save you from purchasing lesser quality and being VERY frustrated rather than simply purchase the proper gear and have success.  Save the higher ticket items for later, maybe purchase one every month or every other month….. but you will want them in time if you stick with home grooming.  And remember if you need a touch up here and there, we are here to help.

Here is a list we created for you located on Amazon for easily finding everything OR below is individual links to specific items.  Hope this helps our fellow home groomers out!  Happy Grooming!!!!

JUST STARTING OUT!!!! Click the Full List of supplies below and pick what you need.

SCSPoodles Complete Grooming Supply List on Amazon Click here – SCSPoodles Grooming Supply List


If you like one or more of the items below, simply click on the link and it will take you directly to that item to purchase on Amazon.

  • Andis Clippers have worked marvelous for SCSPoodles for many years.  you can not skimp on your tools if you desire good results.  One of these clippers will last the lifetime of your dog and longer if well maintained.  SCPoodles likes this one on Amazon. Link – Andis 2 Speed Clippers
  • Grooming Apron – Suggested purchase by Morgan Springer Guzman for all home groomers.  Keeps you dry and hair free!  Win, win! Amazon Link – Grooming Apron
  • Andis Cool Care – Used to spray down the blade that you are using so that is remains cool to the touch. I also use this to clean my blades before storing them away. SCSPoodles like this one since it is sold as a 2 pack you save – Amazon Link – Andis Cool Care Clipper Coolant 
  • #10 Blade – For new groomers this blade will get you used to grooming your dogs entire body as well as face, feet, tail, and sanitary areas. – SCSPoodles prefers this Wahl blade over Oster or Andis in quality – Amazon Link – Wahl 10 Blade
  • #30 Blade – This blade size is for more experienced groomers for Face, Feet, Tail, Sanitary…it gives a really nice finish but you can cut your dog, so practice before getting all crazy. Amazon Link Wahl 30 Blade
  • #40 Blade – This blade should only be used by experienced groomers as it is VERY easy to nick your pups.  But it leaves one of the cleanest and closest cuts you can get. Amazon Link Wahl 40 Blade
  • Wahl Stainless Clip On Combs – PRICELESS!  These are the BEST!!! We have tried the magnetized ones and they are CRAP.  Stick with these.  AND ALWAYS USE A #10 blade under these combs. – Ryan Pet Supply and other places around Amazon Link Attachable Comb Set For Clippers
  • Long Prong Large Slicker Brush – This is the brush you will use while blow drying your dog, and also for regular brushing. – Amazon Link Long Prong Large Slicker Brush
  • Long Prong Undercoat Brush & Comb Set – This brush is used after you use the slicker brush to break the hair up.  This brush gets the matting that is deeper to come out so then you can use the slicker brush once more for your finish. You NEED both brushes to properly groom your poodle. Amazon Link Long Prong Undercoat Brush and Comb
  • Ear Cleansing Wipes – SCSPoodles likes to use these wipes after a groom because it leaves them clean and fresh, they also get wax off easier so that if you have to pull some ear hairs they are less slippery with was residue. Amazon Link Ear Cleansing Wipes 100 Count 
  • Liquid Ear Cleanser – SCSPoodles completely supports the Zymox brand for sometimes sensitive Poodles.  Use this liquid cleanser for dogs that need a deeper cleaning of the outer ear.  Maybe they produce a lot of was and residue.  This is your answer. Amazon Link Zymox Ear Cleanser
  • Ear Solution For Problem Ears –  Some dogs fight constant inflammation and yeast, SCSPoodles has found Zymox to be a great home solution to this ongoing issue.  A few drops in the ear daily calms angry skin and relieves itching which helps the problem resolve on its own before it gets to a full blown infection. Amazon Link – Zymox Ear Solution For Problem Ears
  • 8in Straight Scissors – These are a good price and good quality.  You will use these scissors to finish areas the clippers may have a difficult time reaching or if you use the clip on combs for a more “fluffy” look, you will see stray hairs poking out here and there.  Amazon Link 8in Straight Scissors
  • 9in Curved Scissors – These are a game changer when shaping. Use these to shape crown (Top Knot) and for shaping your poms on the legs and  for the tail, you are not going to regret getting them. – Amazon Link 9in Curved Scissors
  • Ear & Nose Hair Puller (Hemostat) – This tool will make ear hair removal so much easier – $7 – Amazon Link Dog Ear and Nose Hair Puller
  • Quick Stop Nail Powder – This is a home groomers must have when grinding or clipping your dogs nails.  Put a little powder into the lid and dip your dogs bleeding nail into it to cover the tip and viola, it stops up the quick.  A groomers must have.  Amazon Link – Quick Stop Nail Powder
  • Andis Nail Grinder – SCSPoodles prefers a grinder over clipping nails, it is slower and so nicking the quick is less frequent.  A grinder also leaves a clean edge and does not require filing round.  There are other grinders that we have tried, but this Andis grinder does not lose power and gets the job done cleanly, quickly, and nicely. This is a grinder we have used for years.  Amazon Link – Andis Easy Nail Grinder
  • Nail Clippers – Some prefer clippers, not only are they cheaper, but they are simple.  So here is a link to one we liked … Amazon Link – Nail Clippers
  • SCSPoodles Choice Power Dryer – We purchased one of these blowers and LOVE it.  It literally turned over an hour of drying into 20 minutes.  We can not say enough about these dryers.  The K9 brand is the best.  It is a little pricey, but worth every penny.  Save and get one!  You will NOT regret it.  Amazon Link – K9 Brand Dog Dryer
  • Choice Power Dryer – Morgan prefers this power dryer. – Amazon Link Morgans Preferred Dog Dryer
  • Grooming Table – Anything can be your grooming table however, getting a grooming table will save you so much fighting and frustration.  They are designed to eliminate slipping of your dog, easy cleaning and sanitation, and to hold your dog the way you need them to stay while you work.  We recommend this one.  Amazon Link –  Grooming Table
  • Quality Shampoo –  Washing your Poodle with quality shampoo is the first step to a great groom.  Be sure to purchase a high quality one that can clean HAIR, since your poodle does not have Fur, they have HAIR.  Here is SCSPoodles Suggested shampoo.  Amazon Link – Grooming Shampoo
  • The STUFF Detangler – This detangler is THE BOMB.  This is an absolute necessity when blowing out Poodles.  While they are wet, you simply spray this in the problem areas, dry, and brush out matts, it is MAGIC! Amazon Link – The STUFF Detangler
  • For problem area’s on parti poodles and white/cream pups – Extreme Whitening Shampoo 16oz Amazon Link – Whitening Shampoo 16oz 
  • For those who go through this stuff fast.  Better to buy large. 1 Gallon Whitening Shampoo – Amazon Link – Gallon Whitening Shampoo


If you have flea or tick challenges SCSPoodles recommends the following products:

Complete List on Amazon – SCSPoodles Pest Control List


  • Advantix II – For your dog Advantix II – Amazon Link Advantix II 55lbs plus
  • Permethrin 10% For your home and yard.  You will need a 5 gallon pump sprayer to dilute this, but it WORKS.  Amazon Link – Permethrin 10 percent
  • Natural Flea and Tick Repellant – Once things are under control again, you can manage your flea, tick, and mosquito issues in a more natural way with Wondercide.  LOVE this stuff.  Amazon Link Wondercide Flea and Tick Repellant