Grooming Your Poodle


Shaving Bob While He Is Sleeping!!!

This is the first video I made a few years back on basic grooming.  I groom the fastest, simplest way that works for ME.  As with most things in this world, everyone has an opinion and sometimes it does not agree with MY way.  That’s ok,  you do what works for you.  Take a look at my video and then you be the judge… please leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.  Then I can put together another video that captures what it is lacking.  Thanks for watching.  Also, this video is almost 9 years old, I have evolved the tools that I use.  Please take a look at the list below for changes.

Here is a photo of the bare basics that you will need for grooming your Standard Poodle.  Over the years I have really evolved as to what tools I recommend.  Below is literally THE BASICS.  Below the photo is a list of things you will definitely be needing.  Remember you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.  Go cheap, and you will be re-buying the same things but the 2nd time around you will choose the higher quality.  If you can’t afford everything, that is OK, purchase something once a month or look for used things, but DON’T buy cheap things.

Grooming Tools

  • Andis Cool Care – Used to spray down the blade that you are using so that is remains cool to the touch. I also use this to clean my blades before storing them away. – Amazon $7.00
  • Andis Ultra Edge 2 Speed Clipper – This can not be skimped on!  This clipper will last you for years for clipping 1 or 2 dogs. – Amazon $140.00 – $170.00 (or look for a used one on eBay)
  • Andis Toe Blade – If you are nervous to clip between the toes…use this blade, it does wonders. I don’t use this any longer but for new groomers, it is helpful. – Amazon -$26.00
  • Andis #10 Blade – For new groomers this blade you will use on your dogs muzzle, neck, tail, rear, and all 4 feet. – Amazon – $19.00
  • Andis #30 Blade – This is for more experienced groomers for Face, Feet, Tail, Sanitary…it gives a really nice finish but you can cut your dog, so practice before getting all crazy.
  • Large Slicker Brush – This is the brush you will use while blow drying your dog, and also for regular brushing. – Amazon, Petsmart, or Wal-Mart – Under $10.00
  • Wahl Stainless Clip On Combs – PRICELESS!  These are the BEST!!! We have tried the magnetized ones and they are CRAP.  Stick with these.  AND ALWAYS USE A #10 blade under these combs. – Ryan Pet Supply and other places around $35.00
  • Long Prong Rake Brush – Amazon or Chewy $10.00
  • Scissors – Use these to shape crown (Top Knot) 10in Curved Scissors & for tail, and around legs 10in Straight Scissors. – Amazon, Petsmart, or Wal-Mart – From $20.00 to $70.oo depending on quality
  • Power Dryer – I purchased one from Ryan pet supplies and LOVE it.  K9 brand.  Expect to pay from $200.00 to $500.00 and will last the lifetime of your dog if not much longer. 
  • Grooming Table – Anything can be your grooming table I purchased a fancy swivel, hydraulic table and now recommend 4 leg 36 inch grooming tables considering the wobbly nature of some out there.  Save this purchase for later after you have saved $100.00 in grooming costs.

Grooming your Standard Poodle can be very challenging when you first start out.  You must accept that your dog will not look perfect at all times, and you will tragically butcher your dog at least once.  Its OK you just start over next time!  Move on.  Grooming will strengthen the bond you have with your dog, and also teach them that when you want them to stand still for a few hours …. you expect just that!  You establish your Alpha status.  You will also bond with your dog because it requires trust and respect for your dog to cooperate and let you put them in …. well…. challenging positions while you clip them.

Above all else…. enjoy and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Have fun, look up new cuts and experiment.

If you need any tips or have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on my YouTube videos or email me.  I love to hear from you all!  And please send me some photos of your successes and of course your failures… they are the best!

Have Fun!!