The Clans Dogs of the Past


2023.9 RETIRED Springer Clans Stella Rosa – 5 Years Old

Stella gave us 2 wonderful red litters and now is retired along with her mother Pepper and lives in Tennessee with her family.

2023.9 RETIRED Springer Clans Snow Goddess Khione – 3.5 Yrs Old

Khione never had any litters, she just never came into heat…come to find out, her ovaries never developed and now she lives with her family her in the Valley.

2023.4 – RETIRED – Springer Clans Dazzling Jack Frost – 3 Yrs Old

Jack was a great stud for us, gave our program grace, poise, seriousness great for service, and tall drink of water.  He now lives with his family in Waddell, AZ.

2023.4 RETIRED – Springer Clans Electrifying Tesla – 3 Yrs Old

Tess produced 2 great litters of parti pups many have gone on to compete and work in Service.  She now lives with her family in Surprise, AZ

2023.3 RETIRED – Springer Clans Hershey’s Cocoa Puffs – 4 Yrs Old

Cocoa gave our families 3 beautiful litters of browns and parti’s, we love her pups and now she gets to live it up with her family here in Peoria, AZ

2022.10 RETIRED – Springer Clans Knight Kylo Ren – 4 Yrs Old

Kylo’s Family moved out of state, so he retired early.  Now he gets to live the rest of his life wondering the country with his family

2022.10 RETIRED – Springer Clans Just Call Me Rose – 3 Yrs Old

Rose lives with her Mom, Pat, here in Sun City West.  The forever loyal and happy companion that she is.  She had 3 perfect litters for our families.

2022.8 RETIRED – Springer Clans Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – 4 Years Old

Reese continues on Beans and Nova lines, she gave us 3 beautiful and unique litters.  She now lives with her new Family here in Surprise, AZ

2022.6 RETIRED – Springer Clans Soaring Black Raven – 5 Years Old

Raven gave us 3 very nice litters, many going into Service work.  She now will retire and continue to live with her Family in Peoria, AZ

2022.4 RETIRED – Springer Clans Bella Rose – 5 Years Old

Bella had 3 wonderful litters and now will enjoy her retirement with her Mom Christina in Tucson,AZ

2023.4 RETIRED – Springer Clans Jolie Simone – 5 Years Old

Jolie had 3 litters for our families and now will live with her Mom Hannah here in the Valley.


2022.3 RETIRED – Springer Clans Zeus Hear My Thunder – 5 Years Old

Zeus will continue to live with his Family here in the Valley.

2021.12 RETIRED – Springer Clans That’ll Do Fly – 6 Years Old

Fly is still our sons Service Dog and will stay with us for her lifetime.  She is special and means so much to our son Justin.  They have a special bond that will never break.  She has produced some amazing Service dog as well for our SCSPoodle Families.  She gave us 5 litters of wonderful memories.

11.2021 – Springer Clans Candied Hazelnut – Died at 2 years old – Bloat

Our Sweet Hazel did not make it through a bout with bloat.  Sadly we lost her way too young.  We did keep a little boy, Bear, out of her one and only litter so she will live on through him.  A deep blow to SCSPoodles.

Retired 4.2021 age 5 – Springer Clans Koba Is Rising

Koba helped produce several large, intelligent, and beautiful pups for our program and for many families to love to cherish and to train for hunting, Service, Therapy and more.  He was a great Sire and will live on through a few of his offspring that we now use in our program.  He will live the rest of his life with the family that raised him here in the Valley.  Gotta love those silvers….from puppy to adulthood the transformation.

Retired 3.2021 Springer Clans Chantilly Lace – Retired at 3 years old after 1 Litter

Chantilly, due to no fault of her own was retired after her first litter.  She had post-natal complications and had to be spayed as she was nursing her only litter.  She will live the rest of her life with her Foster Family The Sefranka’s here in the Valley.

Retired – 10.2020 – Springer Clans Tamarii For Titus – Retired at 4 years old after 3 Litters

Tamarii was originally chosen to be Titus’ service dog.  Titus just didn’t bond with her so we found her a forever home that Fostered her and she then gave us 3 beautiful litters full of Service Prospects for other families.  We then retired her to live out her days with her family her in the Valley.

Retired – 10.2020 – The Clans Black Pearl – Retired at 5 Years Old after having 4 Litters

Pearl has been fixed and lives with Alan & Judi Max who she has been with since she was 1 year old.  She is the firecracker in their lives and they don’t know what they would do without her.  She was an amazing mother and always a joy to be around.

Retired – 5.2020 – Springer Clans Dynamite Tank AKA BUCK – Retired at 4 years old

Buck has been neutered and will live with the Debus Family and enjoy being surrounded by “fixed” girls…LOL  He sired many of our red litters and will always hold a place in our breeding program through all his offspring.


Retired – 5.2020 Springer Clans Indigo Sky – Retired at 4 yrs old  after 4 litters

Indy has been fixed and will live the rest of her life with her family here in the valley – The Debus Family.

Retired – 3.2020  Springer Clans Cheyenne Pepper – Retired at 4 yrs old  after 3 litters

Pepper has been fixed and will live with her family and her daughter who is now in our breeding program here in the valley – Gina Sanders.  Pepper was a great mother to her litters and has passed on some great genetics to her offspring who now carry the torch.


Retired at 4 years old – 5.2020 – Springer Clans Ruby Red Diamonds

Ruby has been fixed and is now living out the rest of her days traveling in an RV and being pampered by her new family.  Ruby is now a certified Service Dog.

Retired at 2 years old – 5.2020 – Springer Clans Classic Toblerone

Tobie is now officially retired.  He sired several of our Brown and Parti litters and they will now carry on his name.  My favorite are his sons, so sweet just like Ferdinand the Bull.  We homed him to a lovely lady in Tucson – Valerie – who will love and care for him the rest of his life.

Retired at 4 years old – 10.2019 – Springer Clans Super Nova

Nova is officially retired after her 4 litters.  This girl has given us so many wonderfully beautiful, confident, large, and diverse family pets, Serivce Dogs, and Therapy Dogs.  Now enjoy the rest of your life, carefree and fun with your family.

Retired at 2 Years – 2019.8 Springer Clans Semi-Sweet Nestle

Nestle who also is DJ full sister, also gave it a good shot, carried pups two times, yet it was just not meant to be….she lost all pups in both litters before they were ever born.  It was just too devastating emotionally to continue to use her in our breeding program…not only for us, but mostly for Nestle.  We found her an amazing home in Tuscon, AZ with a wonderful family that will now love her and spoil her all her days.  She has definitely earned that much!  Happy retirement Nestle!

Retired at 18 months – 2019.6 – Springer Clans Hey Mr. DJ

DJ has such high hopes of becoming one of our coveted SCSPoodles Studs…but it just was not meant to be.  He failed one of the tests that our kennel requires and thus he was fixed and will remain for his lifetime with his Foster Family who loves him dearly.  He has been a joy to work with and we will still get to see him whenever we wish and at SCSPoodle functions.  You gave it a grand effort DJ.

Retired at 4 yrs old – 4.2019 – Springer Clans The Maiden Madison

Maddie will be missed around the ranch.  Such a wonderful Mother to all 3 of her litters as well as a few from other litters since she raised some pups from a very bad Mom.  She has been a delight to work with, loyal, flexible, loving, just an easy girl.  She has raised several Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and all around family dogs.  She will live out her life with Cindy Peters in California which is where she has lived her entire life.  Thank you Maddie for all you gave SCSP!

  Maddie - Cindy Sharp  

Retired at 2 yrs old – 4.2019 – Springer Clans Tasha The Volcano Sister

Tasha has been retired, she was not cut out to be a Mom and so after her first litter was a failure we went ahead and gave her permission to quit.  She will now live out her days with her Mommy Sandy and finish her training to be a Therapy dog and possibly a Service Dog for Sandy.


Retired – 12.2018 at 4 years old – Springer Clans Sasha “Girl On Fire”

Sasha is officially retired after 5 litters.  She has produced a variety of smart, spunky, beautiful pups for a variety of different lifestyles.  Some have gone on to be Service Dogs, some Therapy dogs, most beloved pets, and a few hunters companions.  I have kept a few of her pups to continue her lines in our breeding program.  Sasha will continue to live with her Mommy, Kylee Springer forever!


The Clans Jojo 12.2014-2.2017

We got Jojo as a gift for the boys after losing Bob and then Lil Bob shortly thereafter.  Jojo bonded with Titus and was trained as his service dog for his Epilepsy.  For those who had the great pleasure to experience the unique bond that Titus and Jojo shared, it was indeed a treat.  Those two were two peas in a pod and there was no one but Titus for Jojo EVER.  Sadly, Titus had to say goodbye to his best friend via FaceTime while we were in Thailand.  I will never forget the moment when Titus started talking to Jojo and even under heavy drugs from the CAT scan, Jojo opened his eyes and began crying for Titus, even though the Vet said he will not come around.  I still get very emotional as I write those words and picture it in my mind.  There are times I feel so guilty for not being here when Jojo left us, but we literally had no idea that he had developed a tumor in his sinus cavity.  No symptoms….just our perfect happy Jojo.  I will never, as long as I live, forget our Jojo.  I am grateful Titus got to experience the bond and friendship he had even though only for 2 years.  What a dog!  He produced only 6 litters, yet several are in service and are as incredible as he was.  Goodbye to the best dog ever to love my son, possibly more than myself.


Retired (4 1/2 Years Old) – Springer Clans Charlee My Bonny Lass

Charlee is now living with Alice Prince in San Diego, CA and is a Elementary Classroom Dog.  What a life!  Charlee had 4 litters for SCSP and she was an excellent mother, she assisted in fostering and nursing other pups as well because she loved being a Mom.  I am going to miss her, but I know she has an awesome new Mom and a great new life of being surrounded by children and lots of love and attention.  Go Charlee!!!!


Retired at 2 Years Old – Springer Clans Gilligan’s Ginger Snap

Like people, some dogs, are just not meant to be Mother’s.  They don’t like it, they don’t want it, and they will do what they have to do to make that clear!  Ginger is that Dam.  She just isn’t cut out to be a Mommy.  So, I did what she asked….and relieved her of that position.  She now lives a spoiled and relaxed life away from any and all puppies (now and in the future) with her Mommy and Daddy the Debus’ Family.  Have a good life little girl, we do still love you!



Retired – at 2 years old – Springer clans Sassy Scarlet O’Hara

Scarlet lives with Lindsey Burchill here in the valley.  Scarlet has been retired after only 1 litter simply due to the fact that she was raised horribly by her Guardian Mom (Lesson learned for myself), I had to confiscate her and train her from scratch.  I just thought it was unfair to my sweet pup, to keep her in my breeding program simply because she is amazing Mommy, awesome genetics and loving loyal girl.  She needed a family all to herself that would finally just LOVE her and accept her high energy level, which not even I have time for with all my other responsibilities.  She found that in her new, perfectly paired Mommy, Lindsey Burchill here in the valley.  Lindsey and Scarlet are two peas in a pod and are going to make a wonderful life together.  Thank you Lindsey for taking my sweet Scarlet under your loving wings and giving her the care and attention she has always deserved.


Retired at 4 years old – Springer Clans Jumping Jelly Bean

Beans has been a wonderful mother and companion.  She lives in CA with her Mommy (my daughter Morgan) and will remain her lifelong companion.  I fixed her so she does not have to deal with female issues her entire life.  She has produced some fantastic pups for wonderful families to enjoy for many, many years to come.  Thank you Kay of Kpaz for a beautiful girl!

Titus &f Beans     


Retired at 2 years old – Springer Clans Flint Eastwoods Dog

Flint has been fixed and homed to live with his brother in the Valley here in Phoenix.  He sired some fabulous pups and will live out his days being spoiled rotten, lounging around the house!  He was, by far, the gentlest soul I have yet encountered and will miss him.  Solace is knowing he is living a great life free from female drama…hahaha.

Springer Clans Bob

Our Sweet Bob is no longer with us.  He is missed greatly and could never be replaced by any other dog.  Bob Sired some exceptional dogs for families all over the US and Mexico.  Those families have been blessed to have as part of their families pups that carry Bobs fantastic qualities and exceptional physical traits.  We will continue his lines through the breeding of his daughters Maddie and Sasha.  Bob will always occupy a special place in our hearts.


Retired( At 7yrs Old) – Springer Clans Flashy Penny

Penny is retired now.  She now lives a wonderfully spoiled life with the Perl Family in Tucson, AZ.  Penny was the best trail dog I ever had.  Loyal to a fault, gamey, athletic, and of course beautiful.  We decided to find her a home that would love her the way we did because she just couldn’t keep up with The Springer Ranch’s lifestyle and it seemed to depress her.  She needed to live where is was a slower pace and that is exactly what we found.  Thank you Perl Family, you love her the way we did and I am thankful for that!