SCSPoodles Home Grooming Supply List & Links

Grooming Your Poodle

Above Photo: SCSPoodle Home Grooming Class – What fun!

Grooming your Standard Poodle can be very challenging when you first start out.  You must accept that your dog will not look perfect at all times, and you will tragically butcher your dog at least once.  Its OK you just start over next time!  Move on.  Grooming will strengthen the bond you have with your dog, and also teach them that when you want them to stand still for a few hours …. you expect just that!  You will also bond with your dog because it requires trust and respect for your dog to cooperate and let you put them in …. well…. challenging positions while you clip them.  You are also able to spot health issues that may come up and be hidden under a thick coat…lumps and bumps are noticed and you are able to manage them quickly.

Above all else…. enjoy and don’t take yourself too seriously.  Have fun, look up new cuts and experiment.

If you need any tips or have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook “Springer Clan Standard Poodles” or email “” .  We love to hear from you all!  And please send us some photos of your successes and of course your failures… they are the best!

SCSPoodles has finally come up with a list of all the items anyone would need to begin to start home grooming.

Have Fun!!