SCSPoodles Dog/Puppy Supply List


So you are getting a puppy!  How exciting!  How scary!  Yes it can be such a wonderful time in your life and also an intimidating task all wrapped up in a cute little ball of curly hair and hugs and kisses.  So what will you need?  Here is a short list of the basics.

Seem OVERWHELMING!!!!  Let us help you out…below are some Puppy Packages that we have put together to make your life a little easier….take a look.

Below are three ways to get everything you will need for your new puppy.

  1. Order from a list that SCSPoodles has made on Amazon by using that link below.
  2. Pick and choose using the links below and only get what you need.
  3. Let SCSPoodles order it all for you and take it home on Puppy Pick Up Day.
  • 1. Order Everything you need for your new puppy…simply follow the link below, pay online, and everything comes to your door!  Amazon Complete List – SCSPoodles New Puppy Go Home List