YouTube Videos – CLICK HERE

Grooming Your Puppy – Lesson 1
Pups Learn to SIT – Only 10 Weeks old!!!!!  Blue Collar Male and Green Collar Female!!!!!
Max, Tallisker, Ravioli, and Tortellini Fooling Around – 10 Weeks Old
Maximus & Linguine Learning To Swim with My Boys – 9 Weeks Old
Tallisker & Stelle Learning to Swim with my boys – 9 Weeks Old
Hard To Video Tape Puppies – 8 Weeks Old
Mandala Playing with Beans!!! SUPER CUTE – 7 Weeks Old
Pups on a HOT Day!  7 Weeks Old
All the Female Puppies – 6 Weeks Old
All the Male Puppies – 6 Weeks Old
Pups Cooling Off – 6 Weeks Old
Ravioli – 6 Weeks Old
Gnocchi – 6 Weeks Old
4 Weeks old – Featuring Ravioli, Orzo, and Stelle Fooling Around in the grass!
To see all the videos of this litter from 1 week to the present visit YouTube and look under Springer Clan Standard Poodles.  Enjoy!!!