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FUTURE PLANNED LITTERS – Updated 9.10.2019

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The purpose of this page is to plan litters.

IF you are searching for a quality Standard Poodle and wish to get a Springer Clan Standard Poodle or Springer Clan Service Poodle you MUST get on a Future Planned Litter list with DEPOSIT.  I will not hold any pick spot without deposit unless specifically stated due to the high demand for our quality Poodles.

IF you are searching for that perfect “rescue”, trained, well mannered, pure bred and so on……..PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME about it.  I used to keep a list but the list has gotten too big and too tedious.  LOOK and KEEP LOOKING on my “Poodles In Need” page and email me regarding an actual dog on the list.  IF there are no poodles posted I DON’T HAVE A RESCUE IN NEED!  I work diligently to keep my site up to date on almost a DAILY basis, so if they are not posted they is not one available.  AGAIN, I have stopped keeping a list because I just can’t keep up with the supposed “RESCUE” demand. 

I am a high quality, reputable breeder 1st and foremost and therefore I have PUPPIES, well bred and perfectly raised PUPPIES for sale.  I don’t retire any of my breeding dogs to new families, my breeding dogs are ALL in there forever homes for their entire lives and retire with their own family.

For those who desire to be on a list before pups are born it is the perfect way to plan for your new family member and ensure that you get the puppy that you truly desire. 

The process is the following:

  • Once you have communicated with me the color, sex, and temperament of the pup you desire, and I assist in you choosing a litter to be a part of, you solidify your decision by sending a $500.00 non-refundable holding fee (Holding Fee IS refundable if color or sex is not produced). 
  • When Dam is 6 to 7 weeks along, I will post a photo of Dams sonogram/x-ray (AMAZING) on SCSPoodles Facebook page, at which time my Vet will do a puppy head count. 
  • When Dam is in labor and has delivered, everyone on the list will be notified as to colors and sex delivered.
  • Puppy page (Available Puppies) will be updated every week with photos and any temperament traits noticed by myself.  I do not send these pictures to each person.  Puppy page will be updated as well as my SCSPoodles Facebook page.
  • At Week 6 , Puppy choices will begin, starting with first person on list and continue until everyone on the list has made a puppy selection.  Everyone on the list has had weeks to observe and read about each pup and therefore it will not be permitted for anyone to take weeks to decide on a puppy.  With all prior weeks of observation and with the private hour set aside for your family, the decision usually is fast coming.
  • By Week 8 Pups are ready to go home with their new family (picked up or shipped via Delta Cargo (pet)).  If pup can not be picked up by week 8 and requires me to Puppy-sit, that is not a problem, however a modest boarding fee will be added daily. (usually $10.00 or $30.00 that includes training)

I have 1 set price for Males of any color and any litter ($2200.00) and Females of any color and any litter ($2500.00).

SCSPoodles reserves the right to place our pups in homes that WE think are the best fit in temperament, so that humans and Poodles are happy and safe.  We reserve the right to NOT place a pup in what we know, with our experience, to be a “bad fit”.  This is why SCSPoodles has the reputation for quality, caring, and responsible breeding and placing of our pups. 


Below are all my 2018/2019 PLANNED breeding’s.  This DOES NOT mean it is a guarantee since sometimes Nature has other ideas as do my dogs.  But it helps those who need to plan and who desire to get on a list ASAP to make sure they get top pick of any given litter.  I am happy to work with you and connect you with the best temperament and color for your families needs.  Please take a look at each of the dogs below on their page to see more about them individually. 

I will not accept more than 3 Service Dog Possibilities for each litter and only on specific litters that I think will produce the right temperament, size, etc.  On average there is the possibility of 3 Service minded dogs per litter that I deem worthy.  I will be the judge of that depending on what your needs are, and regarding tasks you desire to train your Service Dog to perform for you. Please DO NOT request a Service Dog Possibility if you do not NEED a service dog I will only hold this temperament for those with disabilities.

If you wish to be on any of the following lists….a deposit is mandatory.  I am dedicated to you and hold your spot, therefore, I expect equal commitment in the form of a holding fee.  I will match you with the perfect companion I guarantee it!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  


  • Litter Due End of September 2019 – Bella Rose & Vader (Blue who carries Red) “Rose” Litter – Expecting a litter of Reds, Apricots, and Blues Litter expected toward the end of September, with an expected go home day end of November.


Bella Rose Will produce a nice red litter.  She is out of Springer Clans Charlee & Springer Clans Buck who both have very strong red genetics.  This will be her first litter and we have waited and planned long and hard to make sure we get just the right genetics for you to hopefully hold that color and produce amazing pups for you.  Vader is Blue, carries red genetics in his pedigree (and we tested for it as well), he produces very intelligent pups as he is a smart cookie himself full of character and charm.  Vader has an amazing coat, great personality, strong body and mind.  There may be Service Dog prospects in this litter.

4 Week Foundation Training is FULL

2 Week Foundation Training has 2 spots remaining


2nd Pick – Develyn Giles – Mesa, AZ – Red/Blue Female – (4 Week F/T) DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Cynthia McSwain & Orion White – Green Valley, AZ – Red/Blue Male (4 Week F/T) DEPOSIT HELD 

4th Pick – Betty Lou Sheerin (Orion White Assist) – San Antonio, TX – Female – (4 Week F/T) DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Francesca DiGiovanni – Phoenix, AZ – Black Male – DEPOSIT UPON DELIVERY OF BLACK MALE (No Tail Dock)


  • Litter Due 2nd Week October 2019 – Early December 2019 Go Home – Skye/Vader – To produce Red, Apricot, & Blue.

Skye is out of Springer Clans Sasha (who carries Charlee & Bob’s Lines).  She is on the smaller side and will be bred to Springer Clans Vader who is a Blue that carries the red gene.  Vader has produced very intelligent confident pups, he is Titus’ Service Dog and excels at his job as well as being a loyal companion to our family.  There may be some Service Dog possibilities in this litter…we shall see!


2nd Pick – Francesca DiGiovanni – Phoenix, AZ – Black Male – DEPOSIT UPON DELIVERY OF BLACK MALE (No Tail Dock)

3rd Pick – 

  • All Blue Litter Due Late October 2019 – Indy (Blue) & Buck –  (Late December Go Home)


Indy & Buck had a lovely litter of blues, it was an OOOPS litter….Well they have done it again!  We are now calling it the “Careless” litter…maybe do a theme on that.  LOL Tall and lean structure, possible Service Dog possibilities in this litter. I do not anticipate a very large litter so only 4 deposit spots will be accepted.

1st Pick – Traci N. & Alan M. – Tucson, AZ – Female– DEPOSIT

2nd Pick – FEMALE

3rd Pick – MALE

4th Pick – MALE

  • Litter  Due Nov 1st – Barbie (White) / Vader (Blue) – Whites, Creams, Silvers, Blues Expected

1st Pick – Breeders Choice

2nd Pick – Linda Gibbins – Scottsdale, AZ – White Female –DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Laura Chaffin – Cave Creek, AZ – White/Cream Female (Princess Leia) – DEPOSIT PENDING

4th Pick – MALE – Cream/White Deposit

5th Pick – MALE – Silver/Blue Deposit

6th Pick – MALE – Silver/Blue Deposit


Jan 2020 Reese will  be bred – Reese (Apricot) & Tobie (Brown) for a litter of Brown & Black.  Big boned, calm, loyal, athletic, eager to please temperaments.

1st Pick – BREEDER

2nd Pick – Patricia Bettles – Phoenix, AZ – BROWN FEMALE – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Julia Cremer – Sausalito, CA – MALE (color pick at birth) – DEPOSIT HELD (4 Wk F/T)

4th Pick – MALE