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FUTURE PLANNED LITTERS – Updated 11.20.2018

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The purpose of this page is to plan litters.

For those who desire to be on a list before pups are born it is the perfect way to plan for your new family member and ensure that you get the puppy that you truly desire. 

The process is the following:

  • Once you have communicated with me the color, sex, and temperament of the pup you desire, and I assist in you choosing a litter to be a part of, you solidify your decision by sending a $500.00 non-refundable holding fee (Holding Fee IS refundable if color or sex is not produced). 
  • When Dam is 6 to 7 weeks along, I will post a photo of Dams sonogram/x-ray (AMAZING) on SCSP Facebook page, at which time my Vet will do a puppy head count. 
  • When Dam is in labor and has delivered, everyone on the list will be notified as to colors and sex delivered.
  • Puppy page (Available Puppies) will be updated every week with photos and any temperament traits noticed by myself.  I do not send these pictures to each person.  Puppy page will be updated as well as my Springer Clan Standard Poodles Facebook page.
  • At Week 5 or 6 MY DISCRETION, Puppy choices will begin, starting with first person on list and continue until everyone on the list has made a puppy selection.  Everyone on the list has had weeks to observe and read about each pup and therefore it will not be permitted for anyone to take weeks to decide on a puppy.  With all prior weeks of observation and with the private hour set aside for your family, the decision usually is fast coming.
  • By Week 8 Pups are ready to go home with their new family (picked up or shipped via Delta Cargo (pet)).  If pup can not be picked up by week 8 and requires me to Puppy-sit, that is not a problem, however a modest boarding fee will be added daily. (usually $10.00 or $30.00 that includes training)

I have 1 set price for Males of any color and any litter ($2000.00) and Females of any color and any litter ($2200.00).

Springer Clan Standard Poodles reserves the right to place our pups in homes that WE think are the best fit in temperament, so that humans and Poodles are happy and safe.  We reserve the right to NOT place a pup in what we know, with our experience, to be a “bad fit”.  This is why SCSP has the reputation for quality, caring, and responsible breeding and placing of our pups. 


Below are all my 2018 PLANNED breeding’s.  This DOES NOT mean it is a guarantee since sometimes Nature has other ideas as do my dogs.  But it helps those who need to plan and who desire to get on a list ASAP to make sure they get top pick of any given litter.  I am happy to work with you and connect you with the best temperament and colors for your families needs.  Please take a look at each of the dogs below on their page to see more about them individually.  I will not accept more than 3 Service Dog Possibilities for each litter and only on specific litters that I think will produce the right temperament, size, etc.  On average there is the possibility of 3 Service minded dogs per litter that I deem worthy.  I will be the judge of that depending on what your needs are regarding the training you desire with your Service Dog. 

If you wish to be on any of the following lists….a deposit is MANDATORY.  I have had several spots “held up” by people who purchase a dog elsewhere because they don’t want to wait and yet want to hold a spot, I send people away, and then they inform me that they already have a dog….rude!  So now because of those ones, all spots are ONLY held by deposit.  I am DEDICATED to you and hold your spot, therefore, I expect COMMITMENT in the form of a deposit.  Thanks for understanding.  I will match you with the perfect companion OR I will send you somewhere else to get your dog, I guarantee it!

  • 10.13.2018 Raven has been bred – Raven (Maddie & Buck) / Zeus (Charlee & Jojo) – Reds & Blacks Expected (October 2018 Breeding, December 2018 Delivery, February 2019 Go Home)


This will be Ravens first litter and should produce rich reds and deep blacks for you.  Raven is out of our Maddie who just retired so we are excited to continue her lines through her.  In addition she carries Bob and Penny lines, paired with Zeus long pedigree of reds it will be a litter to remember.

1st Pick – Breeders Choice

2nd Pick – Brigitte Breuker- Male for Service – DEPOSIT HELD 

3rd Pick – Mike & June Ryan – Sun City, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Suzanne Hahn – Beaumont, TX – Black/Red Female – DEPOSIT HELD (FOUNDATION TRAINING)

5th Pick –Mark & Linda Baker – Marana, AZ – Black Male – DEPOSIT HELD 

6th Pick – Colbie Dorough – Phoenix, AZ – Red Female – DEPOSIT HELD


  • LITTER IS CLOSED – 10.19.2018 Has Been Bred – Pepper (Red – Charlee/Jojo) & Buck (Red) – They will produce an ALL red litter (December Delivery and February 2019 Go home dates) Approximate


1st Pick – Female (Looking for possible Foster Home)

2nd Pick – Rick & Nicole Williams – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Sandra Sanders – Gilbert, AZ – Red Male for Service – PENDING DEPOSIT

4th Pick – Julian & Leslie Bow – Oro Valley, AZ – Red Male for Service(Foundation Training) DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Mike & Kathy Jackson – Apache Junction, AZ – Apricot/Red Female – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick –Wanda Shumate – Oro Valley, AZ – Red Male (Foundation Training) DEPOSIT HELD


Jay & Caitlyn D A’mico – Surprise, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD (FOUNDATION TRAINING)

Colbie Dorough – Phoenix, AZ – Red Female – DEPOSIT HELD

Larry & Cari Shaffer – Phoenix, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

  • 11.2.2018 Nova Has Been Bred –  Nova (Apricot) & Tobie (Brown)  – pups will be born late December 2018, and go home Late February 2019 Nova is an apricot with liver points and she carries a brown gene, so bred to Tobie who carries 2 brown genes the litter will have a lot of browns to choose from and possibly apricot with liver points.  Nova has produced wonderful, even tempered, easy to work with pups and some have entered Service work as well.  This will be her very last litter (3rd) and then she will retire with her current family.  Tobie will sire his first litter with this breeding so we are excited to see what he throws for us.  He is a gentle boy, perfect in every way…LOL.       


    • 1st Pick – Breeders Choice Brown Female
    • 2rd Pick – Joshua Furman- Scottsdale, AZ – Brown Male – DEPOSIT HELD
    • 3rd Pick – Bear Joy – Tucson, AZ – Brown Male – DEPOSIT HELD (FOUNDATION TRAINING)
    • 4th Pick – Linda Reardon – Phoenix, AZ – Brown Female – DEPOSIT HELD (FOUNDATION TRAINING)
    • 5th Pick – AVAILABLE Male Deposit Only
    • 6th Pick – AVAILABLE Male Deposit Only  
    • RESERVE LIST NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED – Linda Gibbins – Scottsdale, AZ – Apricot Male with liver points – PENDING DELIVERY    
  • Maddie (Penny/Bob) & Zeus (Charlee/Jojo) – Maddie is due to go into heat in November/December 2018  She will be bred for a delivery late January/February 2019


1st Pick – FOSTER – Traci Nemeth – Green Valley, AZ – Red/Black Female 

2nd Pick – Breeders Choice Male

3rd Pick – Jeff Duncan & Tina Moreno – Service Possibility – Larger Male – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Mark & Beth McCauslin – Tucson, AZ – Black Female – FOUNDATION TRAINING – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick –  

6th Pick –  

  • 2018 Breeding – Zues (Red – Jojo & Charlee)  and Tasha (Red – Maddie & Jax) Reds – This litter will be well suited for families, and or Service Prospects.  Tasha is a Therapy Dog In Training and is her Mommy’s closest companion.  She adapts well to new situations and is very smart and loving.  Zeus is a very lay back, big boy, who will pass on that easy going nature to his offspring.  Both have great coats and temperaments.


    1st Pick – Breeders Choice – Female

    2nd Pick – Jay & Caitlyn D A’mico – Surprise, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD (FOUNDATION TRAINING)

    3rd Pick – Victoria Arrieta – Litchfield Park, AZ – Apricot Female -PENDING DEPOSIT (at breeding)

    4th Pick -Carly Bjorklund – Phoenix, AZ – Female – PENDING DEPOSIT (FOUNDATION TRAINING) (at breeding)



  • 2.2019 Breeding of Indy (Blue) & Koba (Silver) Blue and Silver Pups expected. (Feb 2019 Breeding, April 2019 Delivery, June 2019 Go Home) Indy (Blue) & Koba (Silver) produce very calm, intelligent pups.  Some will be suited for Service.  Easy to work with and train.  Lean build with nice coats.     

1st Pick – Breeders Choice – Baker Family Possibly Silver Male PENDING RAVEN LITTER

2nd Pick – Lynda Bergsma – Blue/Silver Female – FOUNDATION TRAINING – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick –  Candee Archuleta – Hugoton, KS – Silver/Blue Male – DEPOSIT HELD 

4th Pick – Regina Bennder – Brooklyn NY – Silver Male -DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Nicole Sremaniak – San Diego, CA – Blue Male – PENDING DEPOSIT

6th Pick – Linda Gibbins – Scottsdale, AZ – Silver Male – DEPOSIT HELD


7th Pick Reserve – 

  • 3.2019 Breeding Pearl & Koba – 3.2019 Breeding , 5.2019 Delivery, 7.2019 Go Home (Approximate Dates) – Pearl and Koba produce very nice pups and they will ALL be silver, there are very large size differences, which are very hard to see at a young age, but all are smart, well built, with great minds.  All want to work and are VERY loyal to their families with an intense desire to please.  


1st Pick – Don & Paula – Tucson, AZ – Silver Male  – DEPOSIT HELD 

2nd Pick – 

3rd Pick – 

4th Pick – 

5th Pick – 

6th Pick – 


Pregnancy Confirmed! Pups due by Mid-December – Nestle (Silver Beige/White Parti) to Tobie (Brown)

Colors we are expecting are possibly Parti Brown & White or Silver Beige & White, Browns, and Brown Abstracts….Brown with a little white.  This will be the first pairing of these parents and we are excited to see what they will give us.  Nestle and Tobie are both VERY smart.  Nestle is a little sassy and smaller, you can see it in her picture…VERY loyal and protective and alert.  Tobie is a lover, huge lap dog big bone structure and eager to please.  Service possibilities are going to be available in this litter 2 males will be set aside right from the the beginning for that purpose.


1st Pick – Breeders Choice

2nd Pick – Little Angels – San Diego, CA – Male for Service – PENDING DEPOSIT

3rd Pick – Little Angels – San Diego, CA – Male for Service – PENDING DEPOSIT

4th Pick – Gretchen Slover – Carlsbad, CA – Parti or Brown Male – DEPOSIT HELD (FOUNDATION TRAINING)

5th Pick – Little Angels – San Diego, CA – Female for Service – PENDING DEPOSIT 

6th Pick – Little Angels – San Diego, CA – Female for Service – PENDING DEPOSIT


2019 LITTERS Interest

Karen Lawrence – San Diego, CA – Black Male later 2019

Connie St Amand – Phoenix, AZ – Red Female after 3.2019

Shanna Southall – Phoenix, AZ – White or Beige Female later 2019