Springer Clan Standard Poodles  


Available Pups/Current Litter(s)

Last Updated 1.13.2021 

IF you are searching for a quality Standard Poodle and wish to get a SCSPoodle/SCService Poodle you MUST get on a Future Planned Litter list with DEPOSIT.  We will not hold any pick spot without deposit unless specifically stated due to the high demand for our quality Poodles.

When we have pups under 12 weeks old we do not allow ANYONE who is not on Deposit List on my property…..  Even when on deposit list “visits” are not common, until pups are 6 weeks of age.  We do not entertain “Puppy Shoppers”, serious inquiries only.

For Deposit List procedure please refer to “Future Planned Litters” page.

For information on additional puppy packages and puppy training offered by SCSP please click HERE “Puppy Purchase Information” page.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a fantastic day.

SCSPoodles PRICES – ALL Males are $2200.00 and ALL Females are $2500.00 – Prices until 6.1.2021 Price Increase

ALL PUPS BELOW ARE HOMED – Please see Future Planned Litters OR request to be put on the RESERVE LIST with or without deposit.


ALL PUPS ARE HOMED 1.11.2021 – Lilly & Zeus “BEER” Litter – All Red 

1st Pick – SCSPoodles – Red Female

2nd Pick – Tom Shippy – Sun City, AZ – Red Female – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Travis & Alex Sandlin – Cave Creek – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Monica Gattra – Phoenix, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Mary Balistreri – Scottsdale, AZ – Red Female  (4 Wk F/T) – DEPOSIT HELD 

6th Pick – Gaye Leo – Cave Creek, AZ – Red Female – DEPOSIT HELD

7th Pick – Phil Webster & Jennifer Wallace – Chandler, AZ – Red Female (4 Wk F/T) – DEPOSIT HELD


2.20.2021 – Puppy Pick Day (In Pick Order beginning at 9am)

3.6.2021 – Puppy Go Home Day (Drive By Pick Up Beginning at 10am)

4.3.2021 – 4 Wk Foundation Training Go Home Day

HOMED – ALE – Female



HOMED – IPA – Male





ALL PUPPIES ARE HOMED – 12.4.2020 Rogue & Elvis “Chinese Food” Litter  



1.16.2021 – 6 Wk Puppy Pick Day – Email will be sent out 1 Wk Prior

1.30.2021 – 8 Wk Go Home Day – Email will be sent out 1 Wk Prior

2.26.2021 – 4 Wk F/T Go Home Day (Training begins on 1.29.2021)

1st Pick – John & Brittany Chapman – Newport Beach, CA – Parti Male (Black/Blue/Silver) – DEPOSIT HELD

2nd Pick – Penny/Jade Skinner – Cibolo, TX – Parti Female (Black/Blue/Silver) – SCSPoodle Family

3rd Pick – Mark & Amanda Phillips – Phoenix, AZ – Black/Silver/Blue Solid Male DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Samantha Rodriguez – Tucson, AZ – Female Brown (Solid)  – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick –Danette & John Sievila – Chandler, AZ –  Parti Male (Black/Blue/Silver)  – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick – Jeff & Linda Leinwand – Scottsdale, AZ – Male Parti (Black/Blue/Silver) – DEPOSIT HELD 

7th Pick – Erik & Cyndi Braun – Parti Female (Black, Blue, Silver) – DEPOSIT HELD

8th Pick – Ryan & Tara Jones – Queen Creek, AZ – Parti Female – SCSPoodle Family

9th PickPick – SCSPoodles Brown/White Parti Female

10th Pick – Tanya Gracie & Bri – San Diego, CA – Solid Female (Blue/Silver/Black) SDProspect – DEPOSIT HELD

11th Pick – Charles & Mary Marshall – Goodyear, AZ – Solid Female (Blue/Silver/Black) – DEPOSIT HELD

12th Pick – Linda Roberts – Scottsdale, AZ – MOO SHOO – SCSPoodle Family – DEPSOIT HELD

HOMED Bogey (MOO SHU) – Linda Roberts – Scottsdale, AZ

What a sweet boy, easy going, an all around chill out boy.

HOMED – CHOP SUEY – Silver/White Parti Male

This boy is outgoing like Chow Mein, but calmer and more cooperative on the grooming table.  He is the larger of the three parti males.

HOMED – CHOW MEIN – Silver/White Parti Male

This boy is curious and happy, very outgoing and adapts fast to new things, had a little fight on the grooming table so clearly knows what he wants.


HOMED – Daphnie (CURRY) – Springer Clans Daphnie Rodriguez – Samantha Rodriguez – Tucson, AZ

HOMED – Amie (DUMPLING) – Springer Clans Blooming Amaryllis – Stay in the SCSPoodles Breeding program with A. Magaloff & T. Nemeth here is Surprise, AZ

HOMED – EGG ROLL – Silver/White Parti Female 

Smallest puppy of the litter and with that as we all know is spunk.  Outgoing, curious, brave and adapts well to all new enviornoments.

HOMED – FRIED RICE – Blue/White Parti Male 

Pretty calm boy, was very easy to groom on the table, no fight seems to want to please you, very loving and lay back.

HOMED – HUNAN – Solid Silver Female 

Brave and Curious, great on the grooming table, really loves people, easy going and calm sweat demeanor.

HOMED – KUNG PAO Blue (possilby silver???) Male Solid – Mark & Amanda Phillips – Phoenix, AZ

This boy LOVES people, sweet and outgoing, very curious and brave, a little wiggly on the grooming table.

HOMED – LO MEIN – Blue/White Parti Female 

Larger Female, Sweet disposition, easy going demeanor, confident yet not forward.

HOMED – SZECHUAN – Blue/White Parti Female

Another larger female LOVES FEET, very curious and confident, yet also very sweet.

HOMED – WONTON – Blue Female Solid

Sweet little girl but has a little fight during grooming, silly and loves to talk with her feet.  Brave & curious and loves people!


ALL PUPS ARE HOMED – 11.29.2020 Bella & Vader “HAM & TURKEY” Litter – 

Important Dates:

1.9.2021 – Puppy Meet Date

2 Wk F/T Go Home – 2.6.2021

4 Wk F/T Go Home – 2.20.2021

HOMED – Oliver (HAM) Springer Clans Oliver Sipe – Launi Sipe – Gilbert, AZ

HOMED – Prince (TURKEY) Springer Clans Prince Bach – Karen Blood – Buckey, AZ


ALL PUPS ARE HOMED – 10.28.2020 Reese/Rusty “Squash” Litter – All Reds 


12.26.2020 – 8 Wk Puppy Go Home Day – Email will be sent 1 wk prior

1.6.2021 – 2 Wk F/T Go Home Day

1.20.2021 – 4 Wk F/T Go Home Day


HOMED – Birdie (BUTTERCUP) Springer Clans Birdie For Buttercup – Scott & Amanda Andarus – Buckeye, AZ


HOMED – Ziggy (BUTTERNUT) Springer Clans Ziggy Stardust Parkhurst – Teri & Steve Parkhurst – Surprise, AZ

HOMED – Till (COUSA) Springer Clans Captain Till – Melissa Goldman – Phoenix, AZ 

HOMED – Liberty (CUCURBITA) Springer Clans Lady Liberty Wood – Charmagne Wood – Mesa, AZ

HOMED – Dakota (KABOCHA) Springer Clans Dakota Stankoven – Nick Stankoven – Phoenix, AZ 

HOMED – Ruby (PATTY PAN) Springer Clans Ruby Pensabene – Simone Pensabene – Scottsdale, AZ

HOMED – Lina (TATUME) Springer Clans Never Forgotten Lina – Bill Cooney & Ruth Eliel – Los Angeles, CA

HOMED – Charlie (ZUCCHINI) Springer Clans Charlemagne The Great – Gina Johnston & Robin Ghodooshim – Los Angeles, CA


If I do not have the puppy for you I will assist you in finding the perfect Standard Poodle from a select group of breeders that hold to the same ethical breeding as I do.