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Last Updated 5.19.2020

IF you are searching for a quality Standard Poodle and wish to get a Springer Clan Standard Poodle or Springer Clan Service Poodle you MUST get on a Future Planned Litter list with DEPOSIT.  We will not hold any pick spot without deposit unless specifically stated due to the high demand for our quality Poodles.

IF you are searching for that perfect “rescue”, trained, well mannered, pure bred and so on……..PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME about it.  We used to keep a list but the list has gotten too big and too tedious.  LOOK and KEEP LOOKING on my “Poodles In Need” page and email me regarding an actual dog on the list.  IF there are no poodles posted we DON’T HAVE A RESCUE IN NEED!  We work diligently to keep our site up to date on almost a DAILY basis, so if they are not posted there is not one available.  AGAIN, we have stopped keeping a list because we just can’t keep up with the “RESCUE” demand. 

We are a high quality, reputable breeder 1st and foremost and therefore we have PUPPIES, well bred and perfectly raised PUPPIES for sale.  We don not retire any of our breeding dogs to new families, our breeding dogs are ALL in there forever homes for their entire lives and retire with their own family.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a fantastic day.

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When we have pups under 12 weeks old we do not allow ANYONE who is not on Deposit List on my property…..WE WILL NOT MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS (Please don’t make it harder on us or yourself….don’t ask)!!!  Even when on deposit list “visits” are not common, until pups are 6 weeks of age.  We do not entertain “Puppy Shoppers”, serious inquiries only.

For Deposit List procedure please refer to “FUTURE PLANNED LITTERS” page.

For information on additional puppy packages and puppy training offered by SCSP please refer to “Available Puppy/Liter Info” page.

SCSPoodles PRICES – ALL Males are $2200.00 and ALL Females are $2500.00


2020.5.3 – Bella Rose & Vader “Dukes Of Hazzard” Litter – ALL PUPS HOMED

1st Pick – Maria Valleho – Chandler, AZ – Red Male (Therapy) – DEPOSIT HELD

2nd Pick – Carrea Uremovich – Tucson, AZ – Black Female (will be chosen upon delivery) 4 wk F/T  – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Steven & CeCi Irwin – Oracle, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

DAISY DUKE – Black Female

BO DUKE – Red Male

LUKE DUKE – Red Male

2020.4.25 Fly/Tobie “Sanitizers” Litter – ALL PUPS HOMED


2nd Pick – Victoria Lomas – Female – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Abby Lomas – FEMALE – Female – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Vicki Franklin – Phoenix, AZ – Brown Parti Male – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick –Azuza Smith – Queen Creek, AZ – Brown Parti Male – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick – Alex Woodard – Encinitas, CA – Brown Female DEPOSIT HELD

7th Pick – Anna Rowley – Buckeye, AZ – Black Male (SERVICE) – DEPOSIT HELD


6.6.2020 – Puppy Pick Day

6.20.2020 – Puppy Go Home Day

HOMED – AJAX – Brown/White Male

HOMED – BORAX – Brown/White Male – Borax is a large and thick boy just like his brown brother Ajax.  They are almost identical.

HOMED – CLOROX – Black/White Male – Cami Smith – Surprise,AZ (4 Wk F/T) – DEPOSIT HELD – This handsome boy is the only black and white male in the litter, he is lean and seems to have a very sweet disposition.  

HOMED – COMET – Solid Brown Female (with white chest patch) – Comet is the smallest of the litter, she is itty bitty and full of grit as in most cases she has had to work the hardest for everything ounce of milk and food she will ever eat when with her siblings.  Fly has consistently had a tiny pup that is full of character and has turned out to be one of the best pups in every litter.


HOMED – LYSOL – Solid Brown Female

HOMED – MR. CLEAN – Black Male – Anna Rowley – Buckeye, AZ – DEPOSIT HELD – This boy is the BIGGEST in the litter, was just born that way.  He is so large that he is the quietest and sleepiest of the bunch.  I hope he stays that way….LOL

HOMED – OXY – Black/White Female

If I do not have the puppy for you I will assist you in finding the perfect Standard Poodle from a select group of breeders that hold to the same ethical breeding as I do.