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Surprise, AZ 

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Last Updated 5.16.2019 

1 Blue Female 10 wks (Barbie Litter), 1 Black Male (Maddie’s Litter), 1 Red Male, 1 Black Female (from Tamarii’s Litter)  SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW

IF you are searching for a quality Standard Poodle and wish to get a Springer Clan Standard Poodle or Springer Clan Service Poodle you MUST get on a Future Planned Litter list with DEPOSIT.  I will not hold any pick spot without deposit unless specifically stated due to the high demand for our quality Poodles.

IF you are searching for that perfect “rescue”, trained, well mannered, pure bred and so on……..PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME about it.  I used to keep a list but the list has gotten too big and too tedious.  LOOK and KEEP LOOKING on my “Poodles In Need” page and email me regarding an actual dog on the list.  IF there are no poodles posted I DON’T HAVE A RESCUE IN NEED!  I work diligently to keep my site up to date on almost a DAILY basis, so if they are not posted there is not one available.  AGAIN, I have stopped keeping a list because I just can’t keep up with the “RESCUE” demand. 

I am a quality, reputable breeder 1st and foremost and therefore I have PUPPIES, well bred and perfectly raised PUPPIES for sale.  I don’t retire any of my breeding dogs to new families, my breeding dogs are ALL in there forever homes for their entire lives and retire with their own family.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a fantastic day.

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When I have pups under 12 weeks old I do not allow ANYONE who is not on Deposit List on my property…..I WILL NOT MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS (Please don’t make it harder on me and yourself….don’t ask)!!!  Even when on deposit list “visits” are not common, until pups are 6 weeks of age.

For Deposit List procedure please refer to “FUTURE PLANNED LITTERS” page.

For information on additional puppy packages and puppy training offered by SCSP please refer to “Available Puppy/Liter Info” page.


Barbie/Vader Pups – 10 weeks old, ready to go home 

AVAILABLE $2500.00 – KELLY – Lt Pink Collar Blue Female  – 2 week of Training under her belt 

Kelly at 10 weeks is doing really well she crates automatically when told to do so, she goes directly outside to potty, sleeps through the night no accidents and no fussing,  she is a gentle soul. Kelly is also really good on the grooming table, you can pretty much do whatever you need to without any fussing.

Kelly at 9 weeks has begun crate training and is sleeping through the night from 9:30am-5:30am.  She is quiet in crate, no whining or barking.  She has also begun potty training, no accidents in playpen or crate and is learning to “potty” on command outside in one area.  Kelly has also begun leash training. Still “manding” or sitting for her meal and am teaching her the word “sit” during that exercise.  No biting, no jumping, and stays off side of playpen knowing the word “off”.  Kelly responds well when I use toys to get her attention.

Kelly at 8 weeks is also more on the calm side, dives right in when food is involved, definitely can see her thinking it all through and deciding if she is interested or not.  She is a watcher, rather then a dive right in kind of girl.  Very excited when children are around, yet contains herself and uses self control not to jump on or grab clothes.  She would be a possible choice for Service if you are looking for a dog to help calm or alert.


AVAILABLE – DOMINO – Tan Collar Male – Maddie/Tobie Litter 6 weeks old

Domino at 6 weeks is my sweet bottle baby.  Because he was bottle fed the longest this kid WORSHIPS people.  All he wants is to be near you, get held by you, love on you and be loved by you.  He is the smallest in the litter which will change with age and growing.  He is very attentive and incredibly brave, doesn’t think twice about anything if I am at the end of it.  Praise and love is all this boy needs.




5.4.2019 Tamarii/Buck “CA BEACHES” Litter – 3 Deposit Spots Available

To keep in step with Tamarii’s last litter theme which was “Trees”, I thought we would stay with a nature theme….Beaches.  Since I am a CA Native, I thought CA Beaches would be nice.



6.15.2019 – Puppy Pick Day

6.29.2019 – Puppy Go Home Day

7.13.2019 – 2 Wk Foundation Training Go Home Day – FULL

7.27.2019 – 4 Wk Foundation Training Go Home Day – 2 SPOTS REMAIN

1st Pick – BREEDERS CHOICE – Available for Foster

2nd Pick – Jackie Kimmel – Red/Apricot Female – DEPOSIT HELD (2 Wk F/T)

3rd Pick – Candee Archuleta – Hugoton, KS – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Gayle & Dick Sutherland – Tempe, AZ – Black Female DEPOSIT HELD (2 Wk F/T)

5th Pick – Troy Warren – Chandler, AZ – Red Female – DEPOSIT PENDING

6th Pick – Kevin Flower – Phoenix, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

7th Pick – Betsy McCord – Scottsdale, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

8th Pick – Kristy Waitas – Show Low, AZ  – Red Female – DEPOSIT PENDING

9th Pick –Tiffany Schneider – Ramona, CA – FEMALE – DEPOSIT HELD

10th Pick –  Black Female

11th Pick – Red Male

CORONADO – Red Male (Blue Collar)


HUNTINGTON – Red Male (Orange Collar)


MALIBU – Red Male (Lt Blue Collar)


VENICE – Red Male (Black Collar)


CARMEL – Black Female (Lt Purple Collar


HERMOSA – Black Female (White Collar)


GLASS – Red Female (Burgandy Collar)


LAGUNA – Red Female (Pink Collar)


MOONSTONE – Red Female (Purple Collar)


PFEIFFER – Red Female (Red Collar)


SANTA MONICA – Red (Lt Pink Collar)


4.8.2019 Indy & Vader “Thriller Filmmakers”- ALL PUPS ARE HOMED


5.25.2019 – PUPPY PICK DAY – Email will be sent out 1 week prior

6.8.2019 – PUPPY GO HOME DAY – Email will be sent out 1 week prior

(NOTE: Foundation Training begins at 8 weeks of age on 6.3.2019)

6.17.2019 – 2 Week Foundation Training Go Home

7.1.2019 – 4 Week Foundation Training Go Home


HOMED – (STEPHEN KING) Regina Bennder – Brooklyn, NY – Blue Collar SILVER Male (4 wk F/T)


HOMED – (ALFRED HITCHCOCK) Simone Pensabene – Scottsdale, AZ  – Lt Green Collar BLUE Male


HOMED – (J.J. ABRAMS) Jimmy Menephee – Austin, TX – Pink Collar BLUE Female





3.26.2019 –  Maddie & Tobie –  “BLACK” – ALL PUPS ARE HOMED 

We have never had an all black litter before so decided to name all the pups after things that start with the work “Black” – Enjoy!!!

Maddie produces confident, intelligent, willing to work pups.  Many Service Dogs have come from this girl!  Reliability at its best.  Her daughter Tamarii, will be having a litter as well later on on 2019.



5.25.2019Puppy Go Home Day (Email will be sent out 1 week prior)

6.4.2019 – (CLOSED) 2 Week Foundation Training Pups Go Home (Training begins 5.21 when pups are 8 weeks old)

6.18.2019 – (CLOSED) 4 Week Foundation Training Pups Go Home


HOMED Georgia Pearl (SWAN) – Jerianne Roe – Phoenix, AZ


HOMED Willow (WIDOW) – Kristy Waitas – Show Low, AZ  (2 wk F/T)


HOMED Zoey (BERRY) – Mark & Beth McCauslin – Tucson, AZ – (4 wk F/T)


HOMED – Giuliana (ROSE) Will stay in SCSP Breeding program Fostered by Traci & Alan in Tucson, AZ


HOMED (COAL) – Autumn Davenport – Cave Creek, AZ 


HOMED Matatu (FRIDAY) – Deanna Merriman – Gilbert, AZ – Smaller Male For Service  


HOMED Titus (RHINO) – Jeff Duncan & Tina Moreno – Future SD in training – (4 wk F/T)


HOMED Coal (CROW) – Amy Conner – Peoria, AZ 


HOMED Sunny (PANTHER) – Martha & Terry Perl – Tucson, AZ  (4 wk F/T)



HOMED Dresden (BEAR) – Bryan Miller – Chino Valley, AZ – For Service




If I do not have the puppy for you I will assist you in finding the perfect Standard Poodle from a select group of breeders that hold to the same ethical breeding as I do.