Springer Clan Standard Poodles  


Available Pups/Current Litter(s)

Last Updated 9.10.2021 

IF you are searching for a quality Standard Poodle and wish to get a SCSPoodle/SCService Poodle you MUST get on a Future Planned Litter list with DEPOSIT.  We will not hold any pick spot without deposit unless specifically stated due to the high demand for our quality Poodles.

When we have pups under 12 weeks old we do not allow ANYONE who is not on Deposit List on my property…..  Even when on deposit list “visits” are not common, until pups are 6 weeks of age.  We do not entertain “Puppy Shoppers”, serious inquiries only.

For Deposit List procedure please refer to “Future Planned Litters” page.

For information on additional puppy packages and puppy training offered by SCSP please click HERE “Puppy Purchase Information” page.

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SCSPoodles PRICES as of June 1, 2021

ALL Males – $2500.00 (LIMITED AKC)

ALL Females are $2800.00 (LIMITED AKC)


Want a Pup? Go to Future Planned Litters page – Get on a list to ensure you get one!