Springer Clan Standard Poodles

Surprise, AZ 

Available Pups/Current Litter

Last Updated 7.1.2019 

IF you are searching for a quality Standard Poodle and wish to get a Springer Clan Standard Poodle or Springer Clan Service Poodle you MUST get on a Future Planned Litter list with DEPOSIT.  I will not hold any pick spot without deposit unless specifically stated due to the high demand for our quality Poodles.

IF you are searching for that perfect “rescue”, trained, well mannered, pure bred and so on……..PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME about it.  I used to keep a list but the list has gotten too big and too tedious.  LOOK and KEEP LOOKING on my “Poodles In Need” page and email me regarding an actual dog on the list.  IF there are no poodles posted I DON’T HAVE A RESCUE IN NEED!  I work diligently to keep my site up to date on almost a DAILY basis, so if they are not posted there is not one available.  AGAIN, I have stopped keeping a list because I just can’t keep up with the “RESCUE” demand. 

I am a quality, reputable breeder 1st and foremost and therefore I have PUPPIES, well bred and perfectly raised PUPPIES for sale.  I don’t retire any of my breeding dogs to new families, my breeding dogs are ALL in there forever homes for their entire lives and retire with their own family.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a fantastic day.

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When I have pups under 12 weeks old I do not allow ANYONE who is not on Deposit List on my property…..I WILL NOT MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS (Please don’t make it harder on me and yourself….don’t ask)!!!  Even when on deposit list “visits” are not common, until pups are 6 weeks of age.

For Deposit List procedure please refer to “FUTURE PLANNED LITTERS” page.

For information on additional puppy packages and puppy training offered by SCSP please refer to “Available Puppy/Liter Info” page.

SCSPoodles PRICES – ALL Males are $2200.00 and ALL Females are $2500.00

6.14.2019 Pearl & Koba “Philippine Islands” Litter – 1 Silver Male For Deposit

Pearl produces pups with very large size differences, which are very hard to see at a young age, but all are smart, well built, with great minds.  All want to work and are VERY loyal to their families with an intense desire to please.  IF you are looking for a jogging, camping, travel buddy, OR are looking for an agility or hunting prospect…this is the litter to be a part of!  The drive of her pups along with the intelligence passed on by both parents are amazing.


IMPORTANT DATES – Make note of these and put them in your calendar!

7.27.2019 – Puppy Pick Day – Email will be sent out 1 week prior with more details

8.10.2019 – Puppy Go Home Day – Email will be sent out 1 week prior with more details

9.6.2019 – 4 Wk Foundation Training Go Home Day – Email will be sent

1st Pick – Don & Paula – Tucson, AZ – Silver Male  – DEPOSIT HELD (4 Wk F/T)

2nd Pick – Brenda House – Phoenix, AZ – Silver Female – DEPOSIT HELD

3rd Pick – Rob Skelley – Male – Hunting Drive – Tucson, AZ– DEPOSIT HELD

4th Pick – Carla Denham – Chandler, AZ – Silver Female – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Kelly Fait – Phoenix, AZ – Silver Male – DEPOSIT HELD (4 Wk F/T)

6th Pick – Nancy & Herb – Tucson, AZ – Female – DEPOSIT HELD

7th Pick – Rhonda Thrall – Tucson, AZ – Male – DEPOSIT HELD (F/T 2 wk + 2 days)

8th Pick – Vince DeCataldo – Yuma, AZ – (Darby) Male Hunting Prospect – DEPOSIT HELD

9th Pick – $2200.00 Male AVAILABLE

Palawan – Silver Female

Panay – Silver Female

Visayas – Silver Female

Samar – Silver Male

Boracay – Silver Male

Bucas – Silver Male

Cebu – Silver Male

Luzon – Silver Male

Mindoro – Silver Male

5.31.2019 Ruby & Buck “Red Wine” Litter – ALL PUPS ARE HOMED


Puppy Pick Day – July 13, 2019

Puppy Go Home Day – 7.27.2019

2 Wk F/T Go Home Day – 8.9.2019

4 Wk F/T Go Home Day – 8.23.2019

2nd Pick – Meredith Avedon & Jo McCabe – Las Vegas, NV – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD 2 wk F/T

3rd Pick – Debra Gonzalez – Peoria, AZ – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

5th Pick – Susie Troxler – Calabasas, CA – Red Male – DEPOSIT HELD

6th Pick –Marcela & Jeff Walsh – Red Male – DEPOSIT PENDING

HOMED – PINOT NOIR – Pink Collar Female – Carly Bjorklund – Phoenix, AZ (4 Wk F/T)

HOMED – SIRAH – Purple Collar Female – Will stay with SCSPoodles Breeding Program – Looking for Foster Home

CABERNET – Blue Collar Male

MALBEC – Green Collar Male

SHIRAZ – Yellow Collar Male


ZINFANDEL – Lt Green Collar Male

If I do not have the puppy for you I will assist you in finding the perfect Standard Poodle from a select group of breeders that hold to the same ethical breeding as I do.