Springer Clans Barrett Jamison Lyon “BEAR”

Bear lives with his Foster Family here is Surprise, AZ.  He is a Red Standard Poodle with Liver points (brown nose and skin)  This means that he carries for Brown and for Red which is a fun mix to have in a litter.

Below is a description of Bear from his Foster Family:

“Springer Clans Barrett Jameson Lyon aka “Bear” is a gentle giant with a one of a kind spirit like his Mama Ember (Hazel). Bear is an absolute nut about his time with you making sure he has balls and you, that is all this boy needs. He is very active and loves to please but also is able to calm himself in order to be a comfort to his family and his natural instinct to do both.  He’s VERY intelligent brilliant yet curious, enough that he’s eager to always learn even in new environments and is always a gentleman. He picks up new commands easily and is often used as a model student in his current training classes by his class trainer. He makes a lot of furry friends and humans jealous because of all the attention he gets. Our hope is to fully  certify him as a service animals for our girls. He is a lover not fighter however, as his mama (both Hazel and his human one) he also can be fierce and stubborn especially when it comes to wanting his cuddles, love and his BALLS.  He truly is one of a kind and honestly has natural abilities both intellectually yet talented physically. He turns heads everywhere we go. The compliments on his physic and color are endless. Again he’s the best of both worlds when it comes to a dog. But then again he’s not a dog…. He’s a POODLE “
The Lyon Family – Surprise, AZ

Springer Clans Barrett Jamison Lyon – Test Results

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