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Training Your Dog
I raise all my litters using the Puppy Culture method along with my own techniques that I have picked up over the years of raising litters of Poodles.  Take a look at the program and what people are saying.  I personally have seen an increase in focus, drive, and a pleasing nature when I got serious about raising pups for Service Dog work.

Recommended Vaccine Schedule from UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
This site explains how to sanitize any area that has come in contact with the Parvo virus, how the virus works and its lifespan.
Is it safe to put BLEACH in your water as an added Parvo preventative?  Read what the Red Cross of America says about keeping water palatable.
CDC explains how to properly disinfect drinking water using BLEACH


Posted by Springer Clan Standard Poodles on Monday, June 15, 2015

Learn about a natural way to manage external/internal parasite control 100% naturally with Diatomaceous Earth an inexpensive and natural way.  Use this site to purchase high quality reliable powder to feed and protect your pets with.  Has instructions on how to use outdoors and how to safely feed to all your animals.

So Long Yeast, Hello Kefir!

Do you feed the superfood kefir to your pets? These days, pet foods can contain up to 70% carbohydrates. These carbs are broken down to sugars, which then fuel the yeast in your pets’ bodies! Too much yeast = big time problems! If you cannot switch to a low carb pet food (like a species… Continue…

Cremation Beads By Sara –

Hello, and welcome! I know that it is likely that you are visiting this website because you have suffered the loss of a family member, friend, or an animal companion.  So from the beginning, know that I offer you my sympathy and condolences.My name…