Springer Clans Standard Poodles

Surprise, AZ & San Diego, CA

Our Pups and Their New Families


9.12.2018 Tamarii / Buck “Tree” Litter

Maizee (MAPLE) – Ashley Ramirez – Scottsdale, AZ

Doris (CEDAR) – Wendy Wirth – Scottsdale, AZ 

Brandy (WILLOW) – Nancy Miller – Surprise, AZ

Winnie (ASPEN) – Elizabeth Jackson – Goodyear, AZ

Jasper (ASH) – Lonnie & Ronald Gordon, Phoenix, AZ

Aki (BIRCH) – Marilyn Mueller – Bisbee, AZ

Chuck (ELM) Anthony Torgrude, Tucson, AZ 

(OAK) – Lara Martin – Fairbanks, AK

Pascal (CYPRUS) – Olga Kramar , Phoenix, AZ 

Max (PINE) – Lance Halle – Phoenix, AZ 







2018.5.14 Pearl/Koba “Sparkles” Litter

Kona (TWINKLE) – Rande Ortiz – Phoenix, AZ 

Finnlee (GLEAM) Kathy Tuttle – Gilbert, AZ  

George (GLISTEN) Joan Peterson – Tucson, AZ

Kai (GLITTER) Carrie Wilkinson – Tucson, AZ 

Remy Gambit (GLITZ) Sandra Sanders – Gilbert, AZ 

Rafa (SHIMMER) Mickey & Tom Roller – Morristown, AZ 

Drogo (SHINE) Gisselle Martinez – Phoenix, AZ 





2018.5.13 Fly/Koba “Babe” Litter

Rogue (MAA) – Will be staying with the SCSP Foster program and produce future litters

Charlotte (DUCHESS) Catherine Teel will be training her for Service in Mesa, AZ

Pepper (EWE) will be spoiled by Felicia Gibson – Tempe, AZ 

Arlo (BABE) will be living it large with Paul & Linda Sefranka – North Carolina 

Mr. Finn (FERDINAND) will be trained as Eva Sargent, Service Dog – Tucson, AZ

Francisco (HOGGETT) will be LOVED by Mary Hearn – Black Canyon City, AZ

Rari Racer (REX) is going to have the life with Dawn Bowen – Prescott, AZ 

Snoop (MICE) will be loved by 3 amazing kid and one cool cucumber Olivia Woods in Peoria, AZ






5.5.2018 Nova/Zeus “Muscle Cars” Litter

(CHEVELLE) – Gabrielle Pinho will be Training For Service 

 (CAMARO) Was picked by Mickey & Tom Roller and will live in Morristown, AZ

Paisley Anne (MUSTANG) Abigail Lomas will be Training for Service

(CORVETTE) Will be looking for a Foster Family and Stay in SCSP Breeding Program

(CHARGER) Will be living with Robert O’Brien in Las Vegas, NV – 

Milo (GTO) – Will be spoiled by DiAnn Hedrick in Peoria, AZ

Leo (TRANS AM) will live with Alex Silverman in Tucson, AZ





2018.4.14 Sasha/Buck “Super Secret” Litter

Joanna (CONDOR) Will be trained for Service and be working for The Dickinson Family in Wilcox, AZ

Sky (DEIRDRE) Will go home with the Yabut Family and stay in our Foster Program

Peaches (NANCY DREW) Was chosen by Stephanie Wright and will be trained for Service

Goldie (NIKITA) – Going home with Sarah Ellis in Saratoga, CA

Rilka (JAMES BOND) Goes home with Ka Graves to live on a Ranch in Salome, AZ

Dallas (JAMES BOURNE) Goes Home with Michelle Willer to Prescott, AZ and will be trained to be a Service Dog






2018.3.21 Ruby & Buck “Precious Stones” Litter

Rocket J Squirrel (JASPER) Nancy Ochs – Tucson, AZ 

Sunny (SAPPHIRE) Will go home with Danny Little – Tucson, AZ 

Kallianthi (AMETHYST) Traci Nemeth  –  Tucson, AZ

Poppy (TOPAZ) Will Remain in SCSP Program

Sedona (PERIDOT) Candace & Robert Wood – Lubbock, TX 

Florence (AMBER) Stephanie Fairbrother – Yuma, AZ 

Charley (OPAL) Anne Firth – Peoria, AZ 

Tavio (EMERALD) Lauraence Legouge – Tucson, AZ 







1.21.2018 “Finding Nemo” Litter

Charley (NEMO) – Lives with Jan in Goodyear, AZ

Duska (DORY) – Zeiler Family here in Peoria

Tessa (DEB) – Goes home with Wanda Shumate  to Oro Valley, AZ   

Zelda (DARLA) will live with Samantha & Billy Salvino  in Tucson, AZ 





12.26.2017 Pepper/Buck “Cheese” Litter 

Jussi B (GOUDA) – Richard & Eva Miller – Tucson, AZ Gouda 

Stormin Rudolf (COLBY) Don & Mary Anderson – Tucson, AZ

Sean (CHEDDAR) Peggy & Gordon  – Tucson, AZ 

Remington (SWISS) to Alpin Family in Tucson, AZ

Dahlen (ASIAGO) is heading home with Shelly & Tracy Schornick – Bead Lake, WA aka “Camp Serenity NOW!”

Marshal (MUENSTER) will be LeeAnn Graves new buddy in Surpise, AZ

Hennessy (ALBRAY) Chosen by Rick & Adrienne in Gilbert, AZ 

Blaze (BRIE) to Michael Karasick in St. Louis, Missouri

Koko (FETA) to The Parker Family in Phoenix, AZ







10.15.2017 – Pearl/Koba “Butterfly” Litter

Chantilly Lace (SEPIA) – Will stay in the SCSP Breeding Program and live with The Sefranka Family

Bean (LUPINE) – Went home to Santa Fe, NM with Jim & Debbie Malonie

Gracie (WILLOW) – Scooped up by Tom & Annie Kulaga in Chandler, AZ

Stony (SONORAN) – Is heading out hunting with his Bud Cragar in Scottsdale, AZ

Beauregard (PERSIUS) – Will be spoiled rotten by Andrea McKenzie in Anthem, AZ

Aegon (SILVER SKIPPER) – Starts a new civilian life with Israel Selwick and Family

Stevie (MONARCH) – Will rule the roost with Dan & Cheryl Chase in Cottonwood, AZ

Grey (SERPENITINE)Smoozed Kathy Bailey in Scottsdale, AZ to take him home




10.2.2017 – Indy/Koba “9/11 Heroes” Litter

Jolie’ (SMITH) SCSP Guardian Home at Moreno Family entering Therapy Dog Training in Litchfield Park, AZ

Mac (GUADANGNO) Mike & Alicia Fodor chose this boy and he will live in Tucson, AZ with his 2 other Poodle siblings

Kevin (JURGENS) Morgan & Tommy Burroughs living in Surprise, AZ

Mosa (MAZZA) Heads to the mountains in Flagstaff with C. Laguna

Winston (LEAHY) Will go home with Jim & Karen Fulton here in Surprise, AZ 

Kramer (NELSON) Was picked by the Cummings Family to add to their Poodle kids

Archi (PENZZULO) Marcia Minor came a stole this boy to live in Prescott, AZ

Perry (PERRY) Swooped up by Raena Janes from Tucson, AZ

Buddha (SUAREZ) Will be going home with Wendy Wirth of Scottsdale AZ







10.3.2017 Sasha/Buck “Lost Boys” Litter 

Stanley (SLIGHTLY) has been picked by Susie Troxler in Los Angeles, CA 

Ranger (NIBS) – Will go home with Carmen Alexander to Tempe, AZ

Murphy (PETER PAN) was snatched up by Tom Spencer and will head to Alaska soon

Eli (CUBBY) picked Sherry Glassman and will live in Berkley, CA

Gus (TOOTLES) will live with Steve Crow in Mesa, AZ

Phoebe Ann (TIGER LILLY) Will go home to Payson with the Satterfield Family






8.27.2017 Nova/Buck “Eclipse” Litter 

Ali (PENUMBRA) Will go live with the Wilkey Family in Yuma, AZ

Hudson (ECLIPSE) Will go home with Carol Moon to Green Valley, AZ 

Copper (LUNAR) Heads to Georgia to live a life of ease with Roger & Karen Hicks

Finley (SOLAR) Has been scooped up for Service Dog Training by Jenna Oxenhandler in Colorado

Quinn (SOROS) Picked Janet Heckenlively in Yuma, AZ to be trained for Service

Ruby (CORONA) Has a wonderful life in Scottsdale, AZ with Jeff & Amy Beiser

Ginger (UMBRA) Was added to the Gust SCSP family in Scottsdale, AZ








7.6.2017 Charlee/Buck “Fairies from Tinker Bell” Litter

Bella Rose (BELLA ROSE) Will join my breeding program and after training will be loved by Christina Shondell and Henry

Mia (VIDIA) Will be Karen Zyadet companion and travel with her wherever her heart takes them both

Mon’Amie Ruby-Red Surprise (ZARINA) Chosen by Melisssa Amaon and will live in Las Vegas, NV

Arlo (TERANCE) has been chosen by Melissa DeBenedetto and will live here in the Valley

Amelia (TINKER BELL) Chose the Forman Family and will live a spoiled, happy life with them in Surprise, AZ

Apollo (CLANK) Is the 2nd SCSP chosen by the Roman Family.  Congratulations!!!

Brooklyn (LORD MILORI) Will live in Gilbert, AZ with the Watson Family

Texas (BLAZE) Is headed to Provo, UT with the Hallstrom Family

Ginger Bear (LYRIA) Was picked by Xianti Hoo and live in Camp Verde, AZ

Bobble (BOBBLE) Will be going home with Megan to CA to be playmates with his new little human!









7.4.2017 Maddie/Buck “Original Colonies” Litter 

Raven (MARYLAND) Will join my breeding program being cared for by the Jacobs Family with her sister Georgia Peach

Hamilton (NEW HAMPSHIRE) Will be trained to be a Service Dog with the FSDS here in the Valley

Bentley (DELAWARE) Will be trained to be a Service Dog with the FSDS here in the Valley

Fitz (NEW JERSEY)  Fitz will be flying high with the Hatch Family in Scottsdale, AZ

Mookie The Player (New York)Peterson Family will be watching lots of baseball in Tucson, AZ 

Daxx (Rhode Island) Shirley Macemon San Jose, CA will be training for Service!!!

Maui Jim (PENN) will make 3 SCSP with The Lungren Family in Oregon 

Sandi (VIRGINIA)Bellin Family will spoil this little darling in Williamsburg, VA

Georgia Peach (GEORGIA) Nathan Jacobs will be her new Daddy here in Phoenix, AZ







3.2.2017 – Indy/Buck “Shrek” Litter

Shrek (SHREK) will go home with the Russell Family and enjoy retirement with them

Axel (DONKEY) Will be a valuable support to Faigin Family here in the Valley

Henry (LORD FARDQUAAD) Goes home with the Nelson Family and his SCSP Sister

Rogue (FIONA) Heads to CA with Karen Martinez and will be entering Service Training!!

Gracie (DRAGON) is staying close in Surprise AZ with N. Miller

Kitty (KITTY SOFT-PAWS) will be going home with Jen and being trained as a Service Dog her in the Valley

Brandy (FAIRY GOD MOTHER) – Heads home with M. Giza – Gilbert, AZ







2.4.2017 Fly/Jojo “Directions” Litter

Flower (SOUTH) – Will travel to Oregon and live with her sweet Rose

Sherman (NORTH) – Will be loved and spoiled by the Long Family here in the Valley

Leonard (EAST) – The Leibow Family takes home this guy in Phoenix, AZ

Sully (WEST) – Chose the Gawin Family here in Phoenix, AZ



1.18.2017 Scarlet/Jojo “Peppers” Litter

Tamarii (Cayenne)Stayed with Titus Springer and SCSP to be his best friend and Service Dog as well as continue on her Daddy Jojo’s legacy

Moriarty (Habenero)Will live with the Kaufax Family in Phoenix and be trained for Service for a child

Diego (Diablo) Goes home with M. McClain to San Diego and will be trained for Public Service

George (Fatalii) Lives with D & B Moore in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Oliver (Tabichi) Heads home to CA with the Tootle Family aka Mr & Mrs POODLE

Millie (Chilaca) Will be a traveler with her new Mommy Georgette Harman

Phoebe (Cumari) – Was chosen by the Cummings Family and will live in Peoria, AZ

Lexi (Santaka) – Will be adored by the Schneider Family in Surprise, AZ





12.23.2016 Ginger/Jax “Bottle Star Wars” Litter

Lulu (Amidala) – Chosen by Lai Family here in Phoenix, AZ

Ruby (Padme) – Is spoiled rotten by A. Petereson in Tucson, AZ

Tabasco (Jabba) – Loved by S. Millican in Scottsdale, AZ





12.9.2016 Charlee/Jojo “Muskateers” Litter

Tucker (Athos) – Lives in Tucson with his new adoring Mommy Alison Kincheloe

Zeus (Aramis) – Will be loved by the Musselman Family and be used in SCSP breeding program

Avi (Porthos) – Headed to San Diego CA with Oleg Balter for many new adventures

(D’Artagnan) – Went home to be with the Sigtermans Family




2016 Audrey/Jojo “Constellation” Litter – 10.14.2016

Velorum (Juliet) – Lives in Mesa, AZ with her Mom and Dad Charles and Christine

Kasey (Mercury) – Was chosen by Justin Pepperling and lives in Flagstaff, AZ

Barclay (Triton) – Is spoiled rotten by Christine and Chuck Meyers in Peoria, AZ




2016 Maddie/Jax “Igneous Rocks” Litter – 11.11.2016

Eve (Quartz) – Was picked by Olivia Miller in Phoenix, AZ

Tasha (Slate) – Will lives with her Guardian Family Sandy & Bob in Peoria, AZ

Brandy (Shale) – Lives with the Sliwa Family in Fountain Hills, AZ

Margoux (Obsidian) – Went home with the Hancock Family to Scottsdale, AZ

 Stella (Agate) – Was chosen by The Riggs Family in Scottsdale, AZ

Watson (Gypsum) – Moved to Payson, AZ with the Ford’s

Lupo (Marble) – Picked his family in Las Vegas with The Lemoine Family

Meesha (Mica) – Will live with the Loving Ferzoco Family

Ruby (Granite) Will be spoiled by the Friedman Family in Green Valley, AZ

Gypsy (Jasper) – Went to Tucson, AZ with the Warner Woman and her brother Fleetwood

Eve (Pumice) – Lives in Goodyear with the Yabut Family

quartz-week-8  olivia-miller-josh-with-eve      slate-week-8 

shale-week-8  sliwa-family-3    obsidian-week-8 hancock-family-2

agate-week-8  riggs-family-1     gypsum-week-8  ford-family-2

marble-week-8                mica-week-8  ferzoco-family-1

granite-week-8  friedman-family-2     jasper-week-8  warner-family-2

pumice-week-8  yabut-family-2


2016 Sasha/Jojo “Naruto” Litter – 10.5.2016

Jewel (Tenten) Went home with Linda Smith – Phoenix, AZ

Cleopatra (Sunate) Moved to Scottsdale, AZ with the Johnson Family to live a life of luxury

Maya (Tamari) Will live in Tucson, AZ with her Mommy Anna Kleppe

Rocket J Squirrel aka Rocky (Garra) L. Geiger took Mozzie home to Gilbert, AZ he is a perfect little angel for her

tenten-week-6 img_1075     sunate-week-6 img_1071

tamari-week-6  anna-maya    garra-week-6 img_1070


 6.11.2016 Charlee & Jojo “Titus’ Junk Food List” Litter

Juju (French Fry) – Was Re-homed to the perfect Mommy in Tucson AZ

Calliope Bravo (Skittle) – S. & A. Bravo take their baby home to be a Service Dog

Sadie Rolnick Strauss (Sour Patch Kid) heads to Sherman Oaks, CA to complete the Rolnick Family

Ace of Hearts (Hot Cheetos) will be T. Lopez best buddy in Phoenix, AZ

Harry Potter (Chex) heads home with B. Fabris to join Ronald (2015 Litter)

MoJo of Jojo (Takis) goes home with the Zaccaria Family in Tucson, AZ

Mazie May (Waffle) will be spoiled rotten in Scottsdale, AZ with the Brown Family

Call Me Emelia (Cookie) has been chosen to join the Call Family in Scottsdale, AZ

Cheyenne Pepper (Donut) Will be living with her Foster Family the Sanders and joining my breeding program

Willow Simpson (Cake) travels to Tucson, AZ with S. & L. Simpson

Calie Carter (M&M) begins her life with the Carter Family

Lucy (Doritos) L & M Jackson lucked out and feel blessed to take her home and add her to their family

Skittle Week 7  Sunny with Skittle Sour Patch Kid Week 7

Hot Cheetos Week 7  Jackie with Ace aka Hot Cheetos  Chex Week 7   Belinda Fabris with Harry Potter

Takis Week 7 Zaccaria Family with Takis   Waffle Week 7   Clark & Susan Brown with Mazie May aka Waffle

Cake Week 7   Scott & Linda Simpson with Willow aka Cake      Dunut Week 7   Gina Sanders with Pepper

M&M Week 7 Carter Family with M&M      Doritos Week 7 Laura & Mark Jackson with Lucy aka Doritos

Cookie Week 7 Call Family with Emilia aka Cookie  French Fry Week 7


11.26.2015 Charlee & Flint “Comfort Foods” Litter

Barbie (Barbie Q) will live with her new buddy Francis in Chandler, AZ

Maverick (Casserole) joined his 2 big brothers in Waddell, AZ

Charlie (Corn Cob) The Small Family chose this sweet boy and will live in Queen Creek, AZ

Kai’anne LaRoux (Dumpling) Will be spoiled by the Seagle Family in Tucson, AZ

Finn (Gravy) Heads to Phoenix to be loved by the Barnes Family

Cody (Meat Loaf) The Roman Boys will make this boy a tough one in Scottsdale, AZ

Lukas (Pumpkin Pie) will be living with the Halper’s in Tucson, AZ

Degas (Sweet Potatoe) L. Cosper has a new buddy in Scottsdale, AZ

Gunner (Tater Tot) The Hankins Family will just go to mush with their sweetie in Arizona City, AZ

Meat Loaf Week 8   Lisa & Carlos Roman with Meat Loaf (2)

Gravy Week 8  Tom & Nola With Gravy

Dumpling Week 8   Tamra & Bruce Seagle with Dumpling Pick up Day  Pumpkin Pie Week 8  Kim & Allen Halper with Lukas (2)

Corn Cob Week 8  Small Family with pup (3)

Casserole Week 8Elaine & Bob with Casserole

Barbie Q Week 8 Reggie & Francis Redrick with Barbie   Tater Tot Week 8 Jim & Kasey Hankins with Tater Tot

Sweet Potatoe Week 8  Leslie Cosper with Sweet Potatoe (3) Leslie Cosper with Sweet Potatoe (1)



11.5.2015 Beans & Flint “Peanuts” Litter

Blaze (Charlie Brown) Fly’s to his new Mom and Dad in Dallas, TX

Franklin (Franklin) has started his new life with the Samuelson Family in Tempe, AZ

Linus (Linus) Hoag family was chosen by Linus and he went home to Phoenix, AZ

Chloe(Lucy) headed to Tucson, AZ with Larene to be her buddy 

Gypsy (Marcie) will live with the Sanders Family and her brother Barley

Nova (Peppermint Pattie) will be in my “Foster” program and lives with Russell Family and her brother Nash in Surprise, AZ

Yoda (Pigpen) traveling to N.M. to be with his new Dad

Maxwell (Snoopy) Went home with the Williams Family to Scottsdale, AZ

Flash (Woodstock) Went home with Eleanor and David to Tempe, AZ

Charlie Brown Week 7    Peppermint Pattie Week 8 2015.1.1 Nova with the Russell Family (1)

Marcie Week 8  2016.1.1 Sanders Family with Gypsy

Lucy Week 8  2016.1.1 Lorene Jones with Chloe    Snoopy Week 8  2016.1.3 Mark & Laura Williams With Snoopy

Pigpen Week 8    Franklin Week 8  2016.1.3 Melissa & Travis Samuelson With Franklin

Linus Week 8GetAttachment       Wookstock Week 8GetAttachment1


5.6.2015 G.G. & Flint “Hard Liquor” Litter

Louie (Whiskey) will head to Chandler with L. Ellis and M. Olsen

Zephania (Gin) headed to Casa Grande, AZ with his new Mommy, J. McDow

Monty (Bourbon) will live in Phoenix, AZ with the Schroeder Family

Walter (Scotch) heading to Mesa, AZ with the Swisher Family

(Moonshine) will be driving race cars with Jim in Willcox, AZ

Rum (Rum) will start his life with the Hutzler Family in Phoenix, AZ

(Cognac) Started his life with his new family in Waddell, AZ

Fillamina (Tequila) will live a life of adventure with the Holmes Family in Phoenix, AZ


2015 Charlee & Flint “Red” Litter – 4.27.2015

Jack (Magenta) Lives with his new family in Tucson, AZ and will be soon adding another Fur Baby to the family!!

Olaf (Garnet) My special sweet baby moved to Sierra Vista, AZ with Egon and Joshua

Blaze (Blaze) Heads home with the Gust Family in Scottsdale, AZ

Ronald Weasley (Foxy) is spoiled in Gilbert, AZ 

Rowen (Rowan) Moved to Peoria, AZ with Arial and The Gassler Family

Jaxs (Crimson) Lives with the Marshall Family with Buddy & ET in Peoria, AZ

Sidney(Ember) Lives in Glendale, AZ  with his brother Rock.

Scarlet (Scarlet) Has been Rehomed from Rose Hanne’s Possession to a better home

Madi B (Ruby) Moved with her brother PJ to Glendale, AZ








2015 Sasha & Mario “Super Hero/Villains” Litter – 4.25.2015

Lord Vader (Cyclops) lives in Goodyear, AZ with all his girls spoiling him like crazy 

Ginger (Mirage) lives with the Debus Family in Glendale, AZ and will be a part of our Breeding Program

Sasha II (Mystique) lives in Tucson, AZ with her new Mommy

Ruby (Phoenix) will fly to Holland, PA to be with her sister “Gracie Bean” and the Makrauer Family

Sherlock (Pyro) Moves to Fountain Hills, AZ with the Ford Family

Sadie (Rogue) is spoiled rotten by the Hodge Family in Peoria, AZ

Fleetwood (Magneto) lives in Tucson, AZ with a whole lot of women who adore him

fleetwood-mac fleetwood-with-the-warner-family ginger-and-chris ginger-mirage-week-8

ruby-zola ruby-phoenix-week-7 sadie-and-bill-lynn-hodge sherlock-pyro-week-7

sasha-mystique-week-7                                 sherlock-and-carol-ford  sadie-rogue-week-8

vader-and-jennifer-sullivan vader-cyclops-week-7


2015 Sophie & Flint “Hollywood Romance” Litter – 4.22.2015

Mister Darcy (Humphrey Bogart) Will stay here in the Valley of the Sun with his new Mommy

Gibly (Clark Gabel) Flew to Canada to complete the Davis Family

(Errol Flynn) Moved to Fallbrook, CA with the Fantus Family

Hudson (Rock Hudson) Will live with the Beard Family along with his brother Ember

Lauren (Lauren Bacall) Is a Service Dog thanks to Next Step Service Dogs in San Diego

Lucy (Carol Lombard) Is living it up in AZ

Bruno (Valentine) Lives the high life in Tucson, AZ with the Johnson Family

bruno-with-johnsons-1 bruno-with-johnsons-2 bruno-with-johnsons-3

gibly-clark-and-jeanette gibly-clark-week-8 lauren-week-6 lauren

lucy-carol-with-goldman-family-1 lucy-carol-with-goldman-family-2           mister-darsy-humphrey mister-darsy-humphrey-2

raineir-errol-fantus-family raineir-errol-week-8 raineir

ramsey-rock-with-beard-family-1 ramsey-rock-with-beard-family-2

2015.3.6 Out of Blaze & Belle – “Famous Orphan’s Litter”

Jace (Moses) – Will be going home with the Bailey Family in Scottsdale, AZ  – Congratulations!!

Red (Mowgli) – Lives Westberg, N.M. with this new Mommy and Kitty

Beau Tie (Oliver) – Is living it up with the Musselman Family in Phoenix, AZ

Louis (Tarzan) Fills S. Hendricks heart with love in Tolleson, AZ

Oliver (Huckleberry) Is going to make his Mommy, B. Schreiber very happy in Scottsdale, AZ

Bigby (Heathcliff) – Lives with the Sefranka family and will be trained as an assistant dog.

Zoey (Annie)  In Surprise, AZ with the Choquette Family

Bella (Cinderella) Lives in Temecula, CA with the Clayton Family

Ava Jane (Jane Eyre) Moved to Scottsdale, AZ with the Nelson Family

cinderella-week-8-2Bella with Jim     Blue Collar Male Week 8 (4)  2015.5.31 Defranka Family with Bigby (2) 

tan-collar-male-2  2015-5-18-bailey-family-with-beau-2                       jane-eyre-week-9

Tarzan Week 9               huckleberry-green-collar-male-9-weeks  2015-6-20-brigette-schrieber-and-oliver-3

mowglie-week-8-1img_4211          oliver-black-collar-male-week-8-1 img_4645

2014 Fruity Litter – Out of Beans & Flint

Mob Barley (Melon) – G. & B. Sanders – Buckeye, AZ

Maximus (Plum) –  A. Shaw – Tempe, AZ

Mango (Mango) – R. Tamma – Phoenix, AZ

Calvin (Pear) – Nanci B. Tucson, AZ

Stella (Apple) – J. Montgomery, Scottsdale, AZ

Maurice (Date)P. Gerber – Phoenix, AZ

Harlee Tucker (Peach)M & B Duncan Glendale, AZ

Pierre Jacques  (Fig) –  T. Mulcahy – Glendale, AZ 

Princess Chloe (Kiwi)M & T Perl – Tucson, AZ 

duncan-family-with-harlee-tucker-2    paul-peggy-gerber-with-maurice-3    sanders-family-with-melon-3

shaw-family-with-maximus    t-m-perl-with-princess-chloe-1   tamma-family-with-mango



2014 French Tuxedo Litter – Out of Sophie & Bob (Bob’s Very Last Litter)

Sadie Bella (Brie)E. Tune – Mesa, AZ

Audrey Hepburn (Latte)Lives in Mesa AZ

Rocky (Truffle)Schneider Family – Mesa, AZ

Jaxs (Soufflé) – R. Talbot – Snow Flake, AZ

Beau Garcon (Camembert – Bear)G. Winans – Phoenix, AZ

Bobs Big Boy (Roquefort)Justin & Titus Springer – Surprise, AZ

Mousse (Mousse) – K. True – Glenrock, WY

2014-sophie-litter-sadie-tune   2014-11-titus-bob 

 2014-11-8-hanne-family-sophie-audrey   2014-11-8-karen-with-her-boy-mousse   2014-11-8-schneider-family-with-rocky-1

2014-11-8-tune-family-with-sadie-bella-snow-2   gayle-joe-winans-with-bear-1   jaxs-with-rhonda-bob-talbot-1

2014 Automobile Litter – Out of Bob & Penny

Hanna Rose (Audi)  K. Newman will be the light of Kass’s life in Tucson, AZ

Sabrina Mercedes (Mercedes)  C. Stewart will help take the edge off working at a Law Firm…what a face to come home too in Grand Junction, CO

Madeline (Porcha) – C. Peters – Will keep her two brothers in line in Vista, CA

Big Ed (VW)Ed Sabol – Gets to sit beside a NFL Hall of Famer as his best friend in Scottsdale, AZ

Teddy (Beamer) – V. Aguirre – Will be the perfect addition to the canine family in Tucson, AZ

Kipp (Camaro) –  C. & C. Sandell  completes the Sandell family in  Tempe, AZ

Mushi (Ford) – A. BE – Will be trained to be a Hunting companion and Buddy in Grand Junction, CO

Moose (Hummer) –  M. Colman fulfills his new Mommy’s world in Tucson, AZ

Cruiser (PT Cruiser)T. DeCristoforo – now lives with his new boy, Reese in La Mesa, CA

Beau (Toyota) – P. & J. Carlyle – Will lived a scheduled, yet spoiled life with his new mom and dad in Coto De Caza, CA

Onyx (Cadillac) – C & M Debus – Onyx was swooped away to Glendale, AZ to live with her new family!

cruiser-theresa-week-8    hanna-kass-week-8    j-p-carlyle-come-pick-beau-up-1

kipp-chris-week-8    moose-mackenzie-week-8    mushi-ford-andrew-week-8

pat-beau-9-weeks sunshine-ed-sabol-at-9-weeks   teddy-vene-week-8


2014 Fairy Tail Litter – Out of Beans & Bob

Patsy (Snow) will live in San Diego, CA – Training to be an Assistant Dog with her New Mom Ellen.

Crosby (Charming) will be with his brother Cash (2013 Beans Litter) as a store dog with his family in Tucson, AZ in the “Jean Loop Company”.

Jackson (Gaston) settled down in the Owens Family home in Tucson, AZ

Ariel (Mulan) will be loved and patiently await a playmate from Charlee & Flints Litter with The Gassler Family in Peoria, AZ

Mufassa gets to run free on the Freeman Ranch/Farm in Gilbert, AZ

Ellie (Ersulla) completed the Schnautz Family in Phoenix, AZ

Bailey (Rapunzel) is the proud owner of Sherri & Steve in Surprise, AZ

Oreo (Scar) Now lives with the Ransom Family in Waddell, AZ along with his brother Brady  (2013 Penny Litter)

owens-and-jackson     ransom-family-with-oreo-2    sherri-steve-with-bailey-2 the-gasslers-with-ariel 2014-5-25-rachel-picks-griffin-up-3 greves-crosby-2

2014 Herb Garden Litter – Out of Sage & Bob

Nash (Cumin) Lives in Surprise, AZ with his family.

Sullivan Beare (Tarter) was taken home with the O’Brien Family from Las Vegas, NV

Morris Fudgington (Chive) lives in Phoenix, AZ and will be spoiled by a household of women who LOVE him!

Basil Bob (Basil) is now loved by the Dill Family in Tucson, AZ

Kahlua (Bay) will be living the life on a Ranch in Phoenix, AZ with his new Mommy M. Gallagher.

Wilhemina (Ginger) is taking on the Retired Travel life of her new Mom and Dad with the Davis Family of Tucson, AZ.

Lancelot (Clove) now lives amongst many horses and his new Mommy K. Texada in Waddell, AZ.

2014-sage-litter-kahlua-marian-gallager kalua  lungren-family-with-morris-1

daphnie-with-nash-2    nash  obrien-family-with-tarter-1

dill-family-with-basil-1       morris

2013 Foreign Currency Litter – Out of Bob & Penny

Duke (Peso) went home with the Skrtich family in Goodyear, AZ

(Dinar) is now buddies with Mr. Biggs & his Mommy – C. Shondell in Tucson, AZ

Toulouse (Franc) now lives in Morenci, AZ with his new Mommy K. Moen

Millie (Shilling) traveled with M. Iglesias to San Diego, CA

Florin (Florin) will be living in “The Valley of the Sun” Phoenix, AZ with the Valenta Family

KoKo (Rupee)  was added to Ray & Michael’s family in Tucson, AZ

Brady (Ruble) E. Ransom and her family added Ruble to their home in Waddell, AZ

2013-penny-litter-duke    2013-penny-litter-florin-with-her-kids    2013-penny-litter-florin 2013-penny-litter-touslouse 2014-1-5-christina-with-her-prince-henry-2   2014-1-5-skirtch-family-with-duke-1   2014-1-6-millie-going-home-with-mommy-2   2014-1-11-koko-2 2014-3-24-koko-4-months-2   2014-11-patsy-6-months   millie-6-months-1

2013 Litter (Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs) – Out of Bob & Sage

Deana (Sneezy) – went home with the Duncan Family – Glendale, AZ – Deana (AKA – Sneezy) 5 Weeks Old – YouTube Video – http://youtu.be/8ft5Xe9w9RY

Molly (Sleepy) was added to the “Small Family” – Queen Creek, AZ

Lionel (Doc) flew to his new family “The Ritter Family” – Albuquerque, NM

Mater (Bashful) drove with his new Dad – L. Connally to Las Vegas, NV      

Egon (Grumpy) went home with J. Carlson to Sierra Vista, AZ

Snow White, Dopey, and Happy were homed by the Owner of Sage


2014-4-16-egon-12013-sage-litter-molly-small-fam  2013-sage-litter-molly  2013-sage-litter-molly-22013-sage-litter-mater-42013-sage-litter-molly  2013-sage-litter-mater-32013-sage-litter-mater-is-too-cool2013-11-18-m-duncan-deana-of-glendale-az2013-12-16-connally-family-with-mater  2013-sage-litter-mater-with-connallys


2013 (Super Hero/Villain) Litter – Out of Bob & Holly
Blaze Lamar went home with the Wright Family – Peoria, AZ                                 
Ivy went home with the Madrigal Family – Paradise Valley, AZ
Storm went home with the Hyduke Family – Phoenix, AZ
Xena Marie went home with Kellerman Family – Phoenix, AZ
Bob Dylan went home with the Neer Family – Gilbert, AZ


2013 Flower Litter – Out of Maya & Jake        

Surprise went home with the Templet Family                                                       

Marigold went home with Cassandra of Waddell, AZ
Poppy went home with the Moran Family in Phoenix, AZ                                
Lilac now named BAILI is going home with the Wait Family in Payson, AZ
Lilly now Misa Tenshi went home with The Stockard Family – Phoenix, AZ 
Email – 10.4.2013 LeeAnna,
I just wanted to send you a quick update….Misa is doing wonderful! We couldn’t be more in love. She graduated her first puppy class and has started her second/intermediate class. I’ve attached a few pictures for you.
Thanks so much for our baby girl. C. Stockard                
Violet went home with The McLay Family – Black Canyon City, AZ
Guthrie’s Prince Noah was chosen by L. Guthrie – Phoenix, AZ

Pansy now Max went home with the Freeman Family of Prescott, AZ

Email from 2013.9.17

“LeeAnna – The puppy John & I adopted from you has been the best ever!  We have named him Max.  I am so glad he was crate trained since it seems to be a great  place for him to not only sleep at night but also take a break during the day.  His temperament is so mellow which seems to make his training so easy.  What a sweetie he is with great manners.  He met our 16 month old granddaughter and it only took 2 times for him to understand no jumping or licking….amazing.  Keep up your great work!! – J. Freeman”
Calla now Peekaboo Penny went home with The Hockstad Family – Sun City, AZ
Email From 2013.8.22
Greatest dog, blows away the Competition in doggy class.  Smartest and most beautiful by far!  She is housebroken and know all sorts of stuff! – C. Hockstad
2013-litter-maya-jake-misa-tenshi 2013-maya-litter-baili 2013-maya-litter-benyea-templet-family-takes-benyeay 2013-maya-litter-misa-stockard-family 2013-maya-litter-molly-buchanan-family 2013-maya-litter-penny-hockstad-family  2013-maya-litter-velvet-velcro-mclay-family 2013-maya-litter-violet-freeman-family 2013-maya-litter-violet-freeman 2013-7-24-lori-guthrie-guthries-prince-noah 2013-9-3-cassandra-pattee2 2013-9-8-moran-family-takes-poppy-copy




2013 Legume (Beans) Litter – Out of Beans & Bob

1-marty-pick-up-day  2014-4-11-marty-at-1-year  6-kincheei-pick-up-day-2   2013-beans-bob-charles-ziggy-bee-oleg-balter-3   2013-beans-litter-cash-1  2013-jake-pick-up-day-1 2013-beans-litter-jake-2 2013-beans-litter-sammie2013-beans-litter-sammie-2      2013-gracie-pickup-day-2 vanilla-bean-take-home-day

Video of the Pups at 5 1/2 Weeks –  http://youtu.be/zQh5zojdrC8

Video of the Pups at 5 Weeks –http://youtu.be/bXXHG3eTgpw AND  http://youtu.be/o8K8IDZDOzo

 Video of 5 of the Males playing around at 4 Weeks old – http://youtu.be/Y8py_KBk55Q                              

Kinchiee – Lives in Tucson with the Lynch Family                             Sammy lives in San Diego, CA 

Woodrow – Lives in ALASKA                                                                   Vanilla – Lives in Phoenix, AZ

Zues Lives in Mesa, AZ with Paul                                                           MARTY Lives in Phoenix, AZ


Cash Lives in Tucson with his new family.

http://youtu.be/XZz6rISFrsE – Cash Bean Fooling Around 10 Weeks Old


Jake – Lives in Sierra Vista, AZ

 Click here – YouTube Video –  Jakes’ First Clip at 4 Weeks


Gracie Lives in Holland, PA

Gracie at 7 weeks on YouTube – http://youtu.be/rFQ10BKDtjs


CHARLES ZIGGY BEE Lives in San Diego, CA with O. Balter

Email – 2013.5.18
Hi LeeAnna – “he’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve taken him to the beach, dog park, and multiple walks on the leash. He handles everything like a champ. He learned to walk on a leash in 5 minutes and its so natural to him now. He just wants to be where Malko and I are. I’m still on night shift and amazingly he’s only woken me up once and best of all, that was to let me know he needed to pee. I’m impressed by him and his demeanor everyday. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own this wonderful dog and breed.  – O. Balter



2012 (Pasta) Litter Out of Penny & Bob  

12-4-20-all-ten-pups-week-1-4 2012-penny-litter-phoebe-lives-in-mexico   2013-12-kulaga-family-tom-annie-tj-and-chase-2 annie fifi   lucy   maximus   tallisker-19 xena-2012-1


2012 Litter – Rotini Lives in Queen Creek, AZ                           2012 Litter – Daisy K.  Lives in Redlands, CA 

2012 Litter – Tallisker  Lives in Tuscon, AZ                                2012 Litter – Lucy Lives in Wickenburg, AZ     

2012 Litter – Chase Lives in Chandler, AZ                                  2012 Litter – Maximus Lives in Vista, CA

2012 Litter – Tortellini Lives in Chandler, AZ                           2012 Litter – FiFi Fiona Lives in Thousand Palms, CA

2012 Litter – Boone Lives in  Tempe, AZ                                       

 2012 Litter – Xena Savanna Lives in Chino Hills, CA

Posted on Face Book. 2013 by R. Lavoie

I have one of the female puppies from April 2012 litter.  She is so beautiful and such a wonderful, loving personality.  She was “custom” made for me   If you’re looking for a quality standard poodle, you’ve come to the right place.  LeeAnna and her whole family puts their hearts and souls into each puppy.  If only I could talk my husband into another one.



2011 Litter Out of Penny & Bob

 2011 Litter – Roxy Lives in Phoenix, AZ                                                   2011 Litter – Phoebe Lives in Mexico

2011 Litter – Quin Lives in San Juan Capistrano, CA                         2011 Litter – Bella Lives in Scottsdale, AZ

2011 Litter – Sir Lancelot Lives in Descanso, CA                                 2011 Litter – Paisley Lives in Newbury Park, CA

2011 Litter –  JoJo Lives in Tucson, AZ

2011 Litter – Bocce Baer Lives in Poway CA

Email from Ruth 11.2011 “….my Bocce is a wonderful guy. He is extremely smart and has totally bonded with my female Standard. He is huge!!!! weighed 41 lbs. two weeks ago and is almost  as big as Marchella…All in all I am extremely in love with him…..I would definately get another dog from you in the future!!!!! Take care. ”  Ruth


2011 Litter  – Pierre Lives in Pasadena CA

Email from Glenn – 11.2011

“First, the attached picture doesn’t do Pierre (the name we chose) justice.  He’s gorgeous.  We get compliments every day about how handsome he is.  And he’s growing by leaps and bounds.”

“Second, he has a wonderful disposition, mostly calm but playful often enough.  He appears to take after Bob, both in looks and temperament.”

“Third, we can’t thank you enough, both for the way you dealt with us and for bringing Pierre into our lives.      …. I take Pierre with me to my office almost every day, where he brings a little light into everyone’s life and provides a calming effect on our busy law practice.  To a person, my law partners and our staff are thrilled to have him here.  Pierre, of course, enjoys the attention and the company.”

“Finally, several people asked us how they might find a dog like Pierre.  We tell them about you, but it would help if you had a website and if you kept us posted about future litters.  Who knows, we might even be interested in a second dog ourselves.”



2011 Litter – Phoebe Lives in Scottsdale AZ

Email from Linda – 4.21.2012 – “I’m absolutely infatuated with Phoebe’s personality.  Everyone that meets her wants her!  The best thing is that she is so calm, one would never guess she is still kind of a pup.”

“Because of Phoebe’s  personality, my vet suggested that I volunteer her (and me) for a therapy  program at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and/or for a nursing home visiting  program.  When I get the time, I think I will do that because she is a  perfect candidate for it.”

“Phoebe grows sweeter and more intelligent by the day.  I’ve had five standards, and she is the calmest, nost engaging one I have ever had; and that is hard to say because they were all perfect!”

“If you ever need a recommendation on the quality of your dogs, have anyone call me.”





 2010 Out of Penny & Bob

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2009 Litter Out of Penny & Bob

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