The Clans Black Pearl


Welcome one of our new additions, Pearl!  She will be the foundation of our Silver lines.  Pearl came to us through a series of events that told us she was just meant to be part of our Poodle family and she fits in perfectly.  Her genetics are new to this country since her close ancestry is from both Russia and France.  Silvers are going to be a new adventure, led by my husband, Tim, who fell in love with this fun, ever changing color.

Pearl is spunky spit fire, and we just love her so much!  She moves with a careless effort that draws other dogs to her, they just can’t help it, she is so fun loving.  Her coat is a fantastic silky soft, she holds her tail high a proud, and prances around like she owns the place.  Her beauty and movement is coupled with her incredible mind.  Obedient, and smart is this girls thing.  She is more gamey (she likes to hunt) than we expected, yet we can call her off in a second.  She doesn’t bother our chickens much, but if she finds a dove that the cats have eaten, she will run around with it like a prized blue ribbon.

Keep watching this girl, she will capture your heart!

pearl-9-months-12  pearl-9-months-11  pearl-9-months-5  pearl-9-months-1

Pearl 5 Months (6)  Pearl 5 Months (5) Pearl 5 Months  Pearl 5 Months (9)

Family Affair’s The Clans Black Pearl – Documentation

  • Height – Still Growing” at the shoulder
  • Weight – _____ lbs
  • 10 Generation COI -______% (Under 10% is desirable) Information found in Poodle Pedigree website
  • VetNostic – Neonatal Encephalopathy w/Seizures (NEwS) – NormalCertificate Below
  • Vetnostic DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)  – Normal – Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic von Willibrands Disease Type 1 – ClearCertificate Below
  • Vetnostic Color Coat DNA Test – B/B – Does not carry Brown and cannot produce brown – Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic Color Coat DNA Test – Carries 2 copies of Dominant Black Gene – Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic Color Coat DNA Test – Does not carry D/D – (Dilute gene) Will produce full color – Certificate Below
  • OFA – Congenital Cardiac Disease Will be done at age 2 
  • OFA – Thyroid – Will be done at age 2
  • OFA – Hip – Will be done at age 2

Pearl Certified Pedigree

Pearl - NE CLEAR  Pearl - DM Clear

Pearl - DD No Dilute Gene  Pearl - BB No Brown Gene

Pearl - vWD Type 1 CLEAR  Pearl - Two Copies of Dominant Black