Springer Clans Hey Mr. DJ

DJ lives here is Surprise, AZ with his new Foster Family and is spoiled rotten with love and attention.  DJ is our very first Parti (multi colored) Stud.  He is at the moment 10 months old and he Black & White with splashes of Sable, which would make him a Tri-colored Parti Poodle.  This would also be a first for us.  DJ was bought from a reputable breeder in the Las Vegas area, and comes from good stock full of Show Titles, Good testing, and nice conformation on top of good minds.  DJ’s Sire is also a Service Dog mentality, a lover, devoted to humans.  DJ carries the same mentality, always wanting to be around humans over other dogs.  He is very smart and a problem solver, but with consistency and a firm/loving hand, and clear boundaries he has learned very quickly what is expected of him her at The Springer Clans Ranch…THIS is what I wanted to bring to our breeding program with Fly (Justin’s Service Dog).  DJ has passed his genetic testing thus far and soon he will pass an exam by my vet to assess his hips and overall well being, I will breed him to Fly for a magnificent litter of Parti Service Possibilities.  I am excited to raise this boy in our home and keep him for many, many years.  He will be one to watch.

DJ has scissor teeth, a smooth gate, nice square body, fluid movement, and a confident attitude.  His coat thus far is easy to work with and very soft.  His points are very black.  He cleans up nicely and has a nice dense, but soft coat that DOES NOT hold on to knots….which is a god sent.  LOL




  • DJ will be a big boy – future measurement 
  • Weight – 
  • DDC – Degenerative Myelopathy – Clear – Certificate Below
  • DDC – Von Willebrand Type I – Clear – Clear – Certificate Below
  • Vetnostic – Neonatal Encephalopathy  – Clear Certificate Below
  • DDC – Color Panel for Brown – B/b  (carries 1 gene for Brown) – Certificate Below
  • DDC – Color Panel for Dilute – D/D (carries no gene for Dilute) – Certificate Below
  • DDC – Color Panel for Red – E/E (carries no gene for Red) – Certificate Below
  • DDC – Color Panel for Parti – S/S (carries 2 genes for Parti) – Certificate Below
  • DDC Veterinary – Progressive Retinal Atrophy Disease – Clear – Certificate Below
  • DDC Veterinary – Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration Disease – Clear Certificate Below
  • DDC Veterinary – Uric Acid (Hyperuricosuria) Disease – Clear Certificate Below
  • OFA – Hip Certification – To be completed at 2 years of age, possibly earlier (18 months) Prelims